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Deathloop’s Film Inspirations Range From Tarantino to They Live

From classic spy adventures to bizarre sci-fi thrillers, Arkane Studios pulled inspiration from many cinematic sources while developing Deathloop. While crafting the fashionable time loop...

Deathloop Voice Actor Receives PS5 From Bethesda

Bethesda sent a PlayStation 5 to Jason Kelley after the Deathloop voice actor told fans he did not have a replica of the sport...

Deathloop Can Be Beaten Without Guns Or Powers

Despite specializing in fast-paced shooter gameplay, Deathloop's time loop can be escaped without employing a single gun or supernatural power. Arkane Studios' time loop assassination...

Deathloop patch addresses PC stuttering, but this isn’t the end

Last week, Arkane's new game Deathloop launched on PlayStation 5 and PC to considerable acclaim from critics. Still, it didn't take long after release...