Deathloop Can Be Beaten Without Guns Or Powers

Deathloop Can Be Beaten Without Guns Or Powers

Despite specializing in fast-paced shooter gameplay, Deathloop’s time loop can be escaped without employing a single gun or supernatural power.

Arkane Studios’ time loop assassination puzzle Deathloop can surprisingly be beaten without using any guns or supernatural powers. The fascinating first-person shooter tasks players with assassinating eight key figures so as to flee the island of Blackreef and its endless time loop. Mechanics like supernatural powers and unique weapons help connect Deathloop to Arkane Studios’ earlier games, like Dishonored and Prey, but the time loop makes the experience wholly unique.

The fantasy setting of Deathloop gives players an outsized number of various guns, gadgets, and powers to use as they cross names off their list. The game’s first-person shooter mechanics provides it a way faster pace than Arkane’s previous works, with protagonist Colt engaging in firefights against hordes of enemies. Gadgets like a hacking device allow crafty players to realize a foothold over these enemies by turning security systems against them. A plethora of supernatural powers also parallels Dishonored and provides Colt amazing opportunities to wreak havoc. Like Dishonored’s traversal powers like Blink and much Reach, Deathloop’s Shift Slab offers short-range teleportation, which is invaluable for players as they move across Blackreef.

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However, YouTuber McGrouch demonstrates that players can beat Deathloop without employing a single gun or Slab ability. The content creator enjoyed Deathloop but found the sport too easy, so he challenged himself to end using only the machete melee weapon. This puts the player at a serious disadvantage against the game’s numerous gun-totting thugs. A multiplayer invasion from rival assassin Juliana could immediately spell doom for an under-equipped Colt. Even still, McGrouch was ready to complete the game’s perfect final loop with only the machete by moving quickly and tactically.

Arkane Studios’ popular Dishonored series plays similarly to Deathloop, and people games also allow players to win without killing enemies or using any superpowers. The franchise’s first title gave players the Blink teleportation power by default but Dishonored 2 features a full-fledged No Powers mode which even causes small changes to the game’s story. Details within the new game have established a firm connection between Deathloop and Dishonored, so it is sensible that the time loop title would also allow players to forgo their most precious tools.

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Deathloop puts a greater emphasis on combat and killing than Arkane Studios’ past titles like Dishonored and Prey. This makes it all the more surprising that players are ready to complete this first-person shooter without actually firing a gun or utilizing a Slab. While players like McGrouch must leave of their thanks to achieve this feat, the likelihood acts as a transparent demonstration of Arkane Studios’ persistent design philosophies.

Deathloop is out there on PS5 and PC.

Source: McGrouch/YouTube