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Amazon joins Apple, Google by reducing its app store cut

Apparently, after the aid of Apple and Google, Amazon has declared it will require more compact earnings cut from programs developed by teams getting...

App Store’s Top-Grossing Apps Contain Scams? Here’s What Experts Say

Apple is presently making inventions that may protect create its App Store a protected ecosystem. Included in launching the most recent ATT (Program Tracking...

Google Play will follow Apple app store ‘privacy labels’

Google is developing a new security part in its Play program shop, allowing Android users to see just what data programmers accumulate and discuss...

Apple’s app store goes on trial in threat to ‘walled garden’

On Monday, Apple faces among its most severe legal dangers lately: A trial which threatens to upend its own iron control within its program...

The FCC Launches a Speed Test App to Measure Broadband Availability

The program functions much like other speed test programs but with a little more government participation. A new program from your Federal Communications Commission (FCC)...

Epic Games Claims Apple Is Keeping App Prices Artificially High

The Fortnite manufacturer has a problem with Apple's App Store commission--and it believes that this hurts customers. Epic Games' struggle with Apple has expanded far...

Apple Tells iOS Developers It’s Slashing Their App Store Fees

Apple has begun alerting programmers by email that they qualify for your organization's new App Store Small Business Program. Announced by Apple lately, the app...