Subnautica crashes / keeps freezing

Subnautica crashes / keeps freezing

Here we can see, “Subnautica crashes / keeps freezing”

  • There are a lot of amazing PC games out there, but some of them have difficulties.
  • In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at Subnautica and show you how to fix it on your PC.

Subnautica is a fantastic game; however some users have noticed troubles with it, the most prevalent of which is crashing.

Let’s get started with today’s article, which will show you how to solve Subnautica problems on your PC.

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How can I fix Subnautica crashes?

1. Update your graphics card drivers

You should upgrade your graphics card drivers if Subnautica crashes on startup. You can do it manually from the manufacturer’s website, but using a specialist tool makes it faster and easier.

DriverFix will check your system and notify you of any outdated drivers. With absolutely no input necessary, the software will automatically update your graphics card and any obsolete drivers.

You simply need to select the old drivers you wish to update and click the button to have them downloaded and installed instantly.

The software is quick and easy to use, and with over 18 million driver files in its database, you should be able to update your drivers in seconds.

Other great features:

    • Quick scanning
    • The database contains almost 18 million driver files.
    • Drivers download manager
    • Backup driver
    • Regular updates

2. Delete cache files

    1. Go to the game’s folder. It should be: by default:
      • SteamLibrarySteamAppscommonSubnautica
    2. Find the SNAppData directory and save it somewhere safe.
    3. Go to your saved files folder. The following address should be used:
      • SNAppDataSavedGamesslot0000
    4. The directories CellsCache and CompiledOctreesCache should now be deleted or renamed. They must be located beneath the slot0000 folder.

If Subnautica continues crashing, this is a simple fix that should help. A few customers reported having to reinstall their game, so if deleting the files doesn’t help, you might try that.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why is my Subnautica constantly freezing?

Why Does Subnautica Keep Crashing? The game’s save folder can get overly huge and full of information at times, causing the game to consume more and more memory. Resetting certain things that won’t significantly influence your gaming experience is a great approach to avoiding crashes.

2. How do you get rid of the frozen among us?

  1. Make sure your game files aren’t corrupted.
  2. Clean up your boot.
  3. Your graphics driver should be updated.
  4. All Windows updates should be installed.
  5. Play Among Us on a different GPU.

3. In Subnautica, what happens?

Unknown Worlds Entertainment developed and published Subnautica, an open-world survival action-adventure computer game. After their spaceship, the Aurora, crashes on the alien planet 4546B’s surface, players are free to explore the ocean. To live, the player must gather resources and face animals.

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