How can I recover PowerPoint passwords within minutes?

How can I recover PowerPoint passwords within minutes?

Here we can see, “How can I recover PowerPoint passwords within minutes?”

  • If you want to be secure these days, you must use passwords to protect all of your online data and accounts.
  • Having so many passwords can become monotonous, especially if you use different ones for each account, making it all too easy to forget them.

Important, sometimes classified documents are frequently included in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. As a result, most users password-protect such documents to prevent unwanted access.

What happens, however, if you forget your password? This post will offer you the necessary techniques to recover your PowerPoint password so that your files are not lost permanently.

Password protection is the most practical method of preventing illegal access to digital files, accounts, and other information. A regular person finds it extremely difficult to keep track of all of his passwords, and in such instances, he falls into his own trap.

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Forgetting a PowerPoint password can be insignificant at times. However, it can be quite destructive, especially if the presentation contains vital papers (for business or academic purposes). In this instance, regaining the forgotten password is critical to reclaiming access to the PowerPoint presentation.

This article will demonstrate how to recover your PowerPoint password and regain control of your presentation (s).

Using reputable password recovery software is the easiest and quickest approach to retrieving your PowerPoint password. A standard password recovery program uses decryption methods to decode password-protected PowerPoint files, allowing you to access the contents without a password.

Some tools can recover forgotten passwords, while others reset them to something easier to remember. In any case, you may retrieve your PowerPoint password and view your.ppt files.

What are the best programs to recover PowerPoint passwords?

1. Stellar Password Recovery

Stellar Password Recovery is a program that can help you recover passwords that you have forgotten. The program looks for different passwords in your other installed software and displays a list of them.

This way, you may either remember the password you forgot or attempt a different one if you’re the sort who reuses passwords across multiple accounts.

If you forget your system password and are worried about being locked out of your computer, the program can reset it on reboot. Microsoft Office software such as PowerPoint is included in the password finding tool, useful for retrieving crucial work or student projects.

The software also has a feature that locates the licensing keys for activated items on your device if you need to use them again.

2. Windows Key

    1. Purchase and install the application on your PC here.
    2. Make sure you have a Windows Setup CD or ISO image on hand (to create a bootable password reset CD or Flash drive)
    3. If you don’t have one of the aforementioned pieces of hardware, you can get a Windows Key ISO image here.
    4. Burn the ISO image to a blank CD or USB flash device.
    5. Insert the CD or Flash drive and allow it to take over your system’s boot procedure.
    6. To recover/reset the forgotten PowerPoint password(s) and other security settings on your PC, follow the on-screen instructions.
    7. Recover your PowerPoint document’s password and retrieve it (s).

Passware Windows key, commonly known as Windows Key from Passware, is a popular recovery application for recovering PowerPoint passwords (and other system passwords) on Windows systems. It works with all Windows operating systems from Windows 10 to Windows XP and all Windows servers from 2013 to 2003.

The software is used in conjunction with a CD or Flash drive to reset a computer’s security settings (including passwords). You may quickly tweak the application to retrieve password-protected PowerPoint documents with this.

Secure booting resetting, Admin password resetting, local policy resetting, designated password resetting, and other security-related operations are all made easier with Windows Key. It can be used to quickly recover any system password on your computer with a 100% recovery rate.

The basic edition of Passware Windows Key costs $39, and there are three different editions to choose from Basic, Standard Plus, and Business. A free trial edition is also available, and a 30-day refund policy on all purchases.

Windows Key from Passware is simple to use, regardless of the kind (or complexity) of the password you want to recover, whether it’s a PowerPoint password, a system administrator password, or anything else. Follow the procedures outlined above, and you’ll be good to go.

3. PassFab

PassFab uses a proprietary password detection method that finds everything quickly and easily. It can determine the length and difficulty of each password.

PassFab also allows users to recover passwords from many PCs simultaneously utilizing three different attack tactics. After the software has detected your passwords, you may restore or change them, and it also assures that your data is safe.

Finally, the program uses both GPU and CPU resources for higher speeds and acceleration to search and find your passwords. Thanks to its great optimization, the software runs at full power on any combination of hardware.

The ultimate method for recovering and accessing restricted documents is to recover the protecting password. In this post, we’ve listed several effective recovery methods that can be used to recover a forgotten password or retrieve protected data.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is it possible to retrieve my PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint, thankfully, can assist you in recovering unsaved presentations. If any unsaved files were recovered, the Document Recovery window would show when you open PowerPoint. To open a file, click it. After the Document Recovery window has closed, click the File tab, then pick Open to find your unsaved work.

2. How can I open a password-protected PowerPoint file on the internet?

    1. Drop your files or upload them.
    2. Choose the PowerPoint presentation on your computer that you want to unlock.
    3. For the presentation, enter the right password.
    4. UNLOCK NOW is selected. The password you entered will now be used to decrypt your PowerPoint.
    5. Click NOW TO DOWNLOAD.

3. How can I change the password on my PowerPoint presentation?

    1. Open the presentation for which you wish to erase the password.
    2. Go to File > Info.
    3. Select Encrypt with Password > Protect Presentation.
    4. Click OK after clearing the password in the Password box.
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4. I have a desperate client wanting to get into a password 

I have a desperate client wanting to get into a password protected excel file. Willing to pay for software of any kind to get into it. It is an xls file. Any Windows or Linux options I could try? from sysadmin

5. I need a USB bootable tool that can reset the password on a 

I need a USB bootable tool that can reset the password on a SP3. from Surface