Star Trek USS Enterprise gets realistic Playmobil makeover with AR app

Star Trek USS Enterprise gets realistic Playmobil makeover with AR app

Toy company Playmobil has unveiled its first item from the Star Trek universe: the 70548 Star Trek – USS Enterprise. the merchandise features “authentic details,” consistent with the corporate, and as “specially designed mounting” for those who want to present it in their lebensraum. Even better, the USS Enterprise comes with a companion app that permits augmented reality experiences.

According to the official Star Trek announcement, Playmobil’s USS Enterprise vessel will feature sounds, lights, and other “technical features” additionally to the AR app, which can facilitate “unique” experiences. Additionally, customers can expect to urge seven crew members (original cast) with the merchandise.

Playmobil made the USS Enterprise so that each included cast/crew will slot in their official places within the ship. Though the official announcement didn’t have any additional details, there are some extra tidbits to find out from the product’s live pre-order page.

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The product listing reveals that players will be ready to interact with the crew members using the AR app and explore the USS Enterprise’s engineering and bridge. Players will likewise be prepared to create new adventures and recreate scenes from the first show.

Assuming you would like to play with the device instead of the mount and display it, Playmobil reveals that the vessel’s roof is entirely removable. The sound effects presented by the toy are from the first series and can include show dialogue.

Other details include a USB-C connector hidden within the fuselage for powering the device, a removable dilithium core inserted within the engineering room to show on the spacecraft, and an alarm that pops if the body is removed. Sounds fun, right? Now for the downside. The Playmobil USS Enterprise with AR app is priced at a large USD 499.99.

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