spotify no internet connection

spotify no internet connection

Here we can see “Spotify no internet connection”

The thing for the users to continue taking note of their favorite songs online.

According to many Redditors, the Spotify app pops up just one error notice that says “No Internet connection available.” So albeit your network connection is active and wifi or Mobile Data is functioning well, the difficulty appears all the time.

Spotify No Internet Connection Available issue: Is There a Fix?

Some of the affected Spotify users have tried resetting the app data, clearing the cache, and reinstalling it. Meanwhile, many of them have also tried to allow the app on the battery saver option, but none of the tricks worked well.

The most irritating part is that numerous premium Spotify subscribers are also getting an equivalent issue, which means they’re paying for what they can’t use for a short time. Numerous users have already reported and reviewed Spotify with a coffee star rating for this issue. Still, Spotify developers are yet to return with a correct solution for it.

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So, it seems that there’s no permanent solution available for the affected Spotify users yet. However, we’ve shared a method to repair this issue, possibly if you’re using mobile data. Therefore, without wasting any longer time, you’ll try the tactic once until developers accompany a patch fix.

  1. Head over to the device Settings > Wireless & Networks (More).
  2. Mobile Network > Select the well-liked SIM that you’re using for the web.
  3. Go to Access Point Names > Here, you’ll see many APNs (Internet, WAP, MMS, etc.).
  4. If, in case, the WAP or MMS is chosen, tap on the ‘Internet’ to vary the APN. (If the ‘Internet’ is already selected, select WAP or MMS and alter back to the ‘Internet’ option again)
  5. Once done, either you’ll restart your device or activate Airplane mode for a couple of seconds to refresh the web connectivity.
  6. Now, relaunch the Spotify app and check whether the web is functioning or not.

Meanwhile, all folks eagerly expect the Spotify developers to return up with a replacement fix update quickly.

User Questions:

1. No internet connection available

I am running Spotify premium on ICS (Galaxy Siii). I even have a mistake message at the rock bottom of the screen saying, “no internet connection available.” however, I’m connected to the web. I receive an equivalent error over wifi and 4g.

2. No Internet connection when connected to wifi

I own a OnePlus 6. I always have the matter that Spotify is offline once I hook up with wifi. However, once I disconnect from wifi and use mobile internet, Spotify works fine. 

When I reinstall the app, Spotify works via wifi until I leave the wifi. Then I experience an equivalent behavior as before.

3. I have a full internet connection, but it says I’m offline?

I was taking note of my regular playlist then I attempted to disconnect Facebook. Suddenly, Spotify becomes Offline-mode. Do I want to vary back or something? Why does it say “Offline” once I have a full internet connection???? I’ve tried to shut it down and open it again, but it doesn’t work.

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4. Spotify says No internet connection detected while I even have a full internet connection.

Spotify app keeps showing a message that there is no internet connection.

I have a full internet connection. Other apps work just fine.

Spotify on my phone (Android, same wifi network) works.

5. No internet connection

“No internet connection” Uninstall install delete app data delete app cache “No internet connection.”

Wrong. Perfect internet via my wifi. No thx. Canceled subscription. Android app likes to annoy me for a few days.