SPARQCode / QR Code Scanner for BlackBerry

SPARQCode / QR Code Scanner for BlackBerry

Here we can see, “SPARQCode / QR Code Scanner for BlackBerry”

Barcode Scanners are among the most popular (and addicting) groups of applications available for Android phones these days. Barcodes typically carry only a product SKU, which can be used to (somewhat-) uniquely identify things in stores or around your home. QR Codes are an upgraded version of barcodes for the twenty-first century: they’re specifically designed to be read fast and accurately by low-resolution cameras on mobile devices. SPARQCode is a layer of QR Code extension in and of itself. It enhances the functionality and adds support for new applications.

A short Google search for SPARQCode viewers for BlackBerry yields no promising results. Likewise, a comparable search on AppWorld yields no results – if what you see is to be believed, BlackBerry does not (yet) have a viable SPARQCode viewer!

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That, however, is not the case. Even though the RIM Geeks in Canada – in their infinite wisdom – placed it in such an absurdly inconvenient spot. It is, nonetheless, present.

If you happened to see the QR Code in the corner and said, “Hey!” That appears to be the barcode I can scan in OS 5 to exchange BBM PINs rapidly!” you are accurate. BBM PIN Exchange in BBM5 is, in fact, a SPARQCode implementation. It’s not only a fully working SPARQCode scanner, but it also uses SPARQCode to make trading PINs with your fellow CrackBerry junkies a lot easier!

Take a look at it. Simply open BBM, press the menu key, and pick “Scan Group Barcode” from the menu.

Rather than scanning your friends’ BBMs, point your BlackBerry’s camera at the QR Code in the top-right corner of this post. Back and forth with your BB (it’s not very good at this! ), and… walla! If you want to load the link to the mobile edition of Wikipedia, BB will ask you.

Do you want to put it to the test once more? Take a look at the SPARQCode below. It’s for my brother’s upcoming flight — can you use this incredibly little graphic to lead your BlackBerry to the flight information? Give it a shot, and let us know where the aeroplane is departing/arriving!

Bottom-line: BlackBerry has a great SPARQCode scanner right out of the box (contrast with iPhone and Android!). However, it is terribly well camouflaged.


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User Questions 

1. Is there a QR scanner on BlackBerry?

Because the code reader is not incorporated in the camera software of the KEY2 LE, you may need to download a QR reader or QR scanner app. There are numerous ways to read or capture a QR code on your BlackBerry KEY2 LE. If your BlackBerry KEY2 LE has the Play Store application store, look for it and click on it.

2. Is it possible to scan a QR code without using an Android app?

Screen Search on Google: Consumers can use Google Screen Search to scan QR Codes without downloading an app. Simply point your camera at the QR Code, press and hold the Home button, then select ‘What’s on my screen?’ Consumers will be able to access the QR Code URL.

3. What is the best way to scan QR codes online?

Open your Camera app and point it steadily at the QR Code you wish to scan for 2-3 seconds. A notification will show whenever scanning is enabled. If nothing happens, you may need to activate QR Code scanning in your Settings app.

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