How to Fix Conan Exiles Crashes Back to Main Menu

Conan Exiles Crashes Back to Main Menu

Here we can see, “How to Fix Conan Exiles Crashes Back to Main Menu”

Conan Exiles has exited Early Access, but gamers have reported several technical troubles while playing it. For example, many gamers have recently noticed that they are immediately taken back to the main menu when they press the play button. The bad news is that there is only one solution to this problem, and it doesn’t apply to all gamers. This appears to be a severe problem, and a hotfix will almost certainly be required to resolve it permanently.

Conan Exiles is back on the main menu

This is how one player describes the situation:

Until today, I was allowed to play the game. I’m attempting to connect to a server, which connects and will enable me to view my character, but then the server connection is lost, and I’m redirected to the main screen. I’ve been attempting to connect to a server for hours and cannot do so.

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Conan Exiles has just received a slew of improvements, but they only seem to exacerbate the problem. Surprisingly, gamers indicate that they can connect to empty servers but that they are redirected to the main menu when they try to connect to specific servers.

Fix Conan Exiles is back on the main menu

As previously noted, the following solution does not work for all gamers. If you keep getting booted back to the main menu, though, it’s worth following the instructions.

  1. Steam should be closed.
  2. Delete the config folder from the Steam install folder.
  3. Restart Steam as an administrator.
  4. If you have one, log in again and enter your Steamguard token before relaunching Conan Exiles.

An invalid Steam user ID ticket appears to be the basis of the problem. You can temporarily fix the bug by reentering your login details and refreshing your session.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to:

  • Log in to Steam again to keep your Steam sessions fresh between games.
  • Steam should be run as root or with admin capabilities.
  • Remove the overlay.

If you’ve found any additional solutions to this problem, please share them in the comments area below. Conan Exiles has only been out for a few hours, but Funcom has already released a substantial update to improve the game’s stability and reliability. We’re confident that the firm will release more hotfixes in the coming weeks to address many of the issues that early gamers have reported.


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User Questions 

1. What can I do to prevent Conan Exiles from crashing?

To begin, go to your game folder and delete the folder containing the entrance movies. Then, if you can get into the game, but it keeps crashing, go to the resolution scale option in the settings menu and set it to 50%. Then, check to see if that solves the problem.

2. Why is my game constantly crashing?

When there is insufficient storage space, apps may crash. So you’ll need to free up storage space by uninstalling unnecessary apps and data. Uninstall undesirable apps and games by going to Settings -> Apps.

3. What causes games to crash to the desktop?

If the game is incompatible with the OS, it will most likely crash. A game can potentially crash due to the graphics card or the power supply problems. If the game consumes more power than is available, it will shut down on its own. The game’s CPU utilization is relatively high, causing it to crash.

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