SiriusXM’s new satellite radio plan is made for two-car households

SiriusXM’s new satellite radio plan is made for two-car households

Many cars now accompany Bluetooth support, suggesting satellite radio service is a smaller amount relevant than ever. Despite that, SiriusXM remains a thing, and for those that prefer the satellite radio experience while driving, it’s a replacement plan called Platinum VIP. The new program offers service for two cars, including streaming access, under one rate.

SiriusXM is best known for its satellite radio service, which provided drivers within the pre-smartphone era with high-quality audio content, including music and radio shows, for their commutes. Though the corporate has since launched a streaming service that competes with Spotify, it still offers satellite radio for those with a car radio system that supports it.

There are some advantages that SiriusXM offers drivers, namely that you simply don’t get to mess together with your phone at any point and may instead access and control it the way you’d old-school radio. SiriusXM also features an extensive library of exclusive content and more niche offerings like talk shows and sports broadcasts.

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If you’re someone who owns two cars — or lives with someone who has their vehicle — and you discover value in satellite radio, SiriusXM features a new plan for you. Platinum VIP is priced at $35/month and provides simultaneous access to both the satellite radio service and, therefore, the company’s streaming app for two cars/users.

As expected, customers get access to the ad-free experience. The Platinum VIP plan includes two Howard Stern channels, access to Pandora stations, the company’s original podcasts, a spread of sports content including play-by-play for significant games, exclusive comedy bits, and more.

These offerings are joined by what SiriusXM calls “VIP perks,” including access to around 5,000 live concert recordings and videos via These subscribers also get priority customer service calls. Platinum VIP joins the opposite newly renamed plans, including Platinum, Music & Entertainment, Music Showcase, and Choose & Save.

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