Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers

Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers

Here we can see, “Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers”

Windows features a secret keyboard shortcut that restarts your video drivers. If your PC ever freezes, do this shortcut before restarting your PC—it could fix freezes that might otherwise require forcibly restarting your computer.

This key combination restarts the graphics subsystem on Windows 10 and Windows 8. There’s no keyboard shortcut for restarting your graphics drivers on Windows 7.

How to Restart Your PC’s Graphics Drivers

  1. To restart your graphics drivers, press Win+Ctrl+Shift+B on your keyboard.
  2. Your screen will go black for a blink of an eye, and you’ll hear a beep. Everything will then reappear, even as it had been before you pressed the hotkey. All of your current applications remain open, and you won’t lose any work.
  3. We even tried this shortcut while playing a PC game, and the sport kept running properly after using the shortcut. That’s because Windows restarts the graphics subsystem, and all of your applications are left alone and can continue running normally.

This keyboard shortcut is a component of the Windows 10 OS, so it’ll restart NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel graphics drivers. Whatever graphics hardware your PC has, it’ll work.

How to restart your graphics card drivers without having to go to your computer.

To restart your graphics card drivers using a Windows key, open the Start menu and type “graphics-drivers”. Once you have input “graphics-drivers”, press the enter key. This will start the “Graphic Driver Status Update service” and will then restart your graphics card drivers.

How to restart your graphics card drivers using a keyboard shortcut

To restart your graphics card drivers using a keyboard shortcut, right-click on the “Graphic Driver Status Update service” icon in the taskbar and select “Restart now”. The shortcut will take you to the “Graphics Driver Status Update service” dialog box where you can set a new startup priority for the service so that it runs more quickly.

How to Restart Your Graphics Card Drivers Using a Command Prompt.

To restart your graphics card drivers using a command prompt, open a terminal window and type “startx”. Then type “gdm list”, followed by “gdiplus”. If there are any errors while trying to start GDIplus, you may need to reboot your computer in order for GDM to work properly again.

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How to Recover From a Freeze

There’s no guarantee that this may fix a system freeze. However, if your computer froze due to drag together with your graphics drivers, this shortcut may fix it. This shortcut can fix freezes that occur while playing 3D games, but it also can get over freezes that occur while you’re just using your PC normally. Windows 10 uses your graphics hardware to accelerate the drawing of your desktop, and even modern web browsers use it to hurry up website rendering.

If you see a black screen or you’re stuck in an unresponsive full-screen game, make certain to undertake the Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut after restarting your graphics drivers. You’ll also try pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager directly or press Alt+Tab or Win+Tab to undertake switching applications.

If your computer doesn’t answer any of those keyboard shortcuts, even after you restart its graphics driver, you’ll probably get to perform a tough shutdown. To do so, press your computer’s power button and hold it down for about ten seconds until the PC powers off. Wait a couple of seconds before turning the PC back on with the facility button. It’s not good for your computer to power it off this way, but this is often all you’ll do if your PC is frozen.

Of course, if you see a blue screen of death, this shortcut won’t help. The blue screen of death indicates that your Windows OS has completely crashed, and everyone you’ll do is restart your PC.

Windows 8/8.1:

  1. Right-click on the “my computer” icon.
  2. Select “Properties”, then click on the “Advanced” tab.
  3. In the “Performance” section, click on the “GPU Options”.
  4. Under the “Graphics Parameters”, check the box next to “Use secret window key to start graphics card drivers”. (Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers)
  5. Click on OK to finish setting up your new settings.

On Windows 7/7.1:

  • Open an Explorer Window and type into it this line (without quotes): C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\fltx86.sys

If you have not already done so,

  • Create a new folder called “Graphics” inside of your Video Card Drivers folder.
  • Inside of this newly created folder, locate and open the file fltx86.sys.

On windows 8/8.1:

  • On windows 8/8.1 hold down shift+right-click and select properties (or hit F5)
  • Then, click on advanced options under performance if it is not already selected under advanced options in previous windows 8/8 session.
  • If it is nowselected under advanced options in previous windows 8/8 session then change this value back to none by pressing ctrl+alt+del.


If you’re having problems with your graphics card drivers, it’s possible to fix them using a combination of Windows commands and driver saving techniques. If you’re not sure how to save or disable your drivers, you can consult a computer support service or download the driver software from the internet. In addition, if you’d like to keep your graphics card drivers in a different location or save them as an image, you can do that too.

User Questions:

  1. Why does my graphics card keep restarting?

Make sure all power cables are properly inserted into the motherboard and the video card. Try another video card (at hand or borrow one). Alternatively, try the integrated graphics instead, or try the R9-290 video card on another computer. Try another PSU (at hand or borrow one).

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  1. Why does my gaming PC keep restarting?

If your PC is overheating, you’ll meet a reboot problem while playing a game. Because when the CPU gets too busy, it causes high energy and produces heat, your PC will pack up automatically to guard itself. … Clean the dust in your PC and check all the fans are working properly.

  1. Why is Windows 10 stuck restarting?

Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Confirm that the box is unchecked before activating fast startup (Recommended), then click Save changes and shut the window. Restart your computer for the changes to require effect. Check your computer to ascertain if it’s still stuck on restarting.

  1. Use Winkey+CTRL+SHIFT+B to restart your graphics driver when overclocking your graphics card causes a crash

Use Winkey+CTRL+SHIFT+B to restart your graphics driver when overclocking your graphics card causes a crash from Amd

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