How to Schedule Disk Defragmentation on Windows 11

How to Schedule Disk Defragmentation on Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Schedule Disk Defragmentation on Windows 11”

  • It’s crucial to manage the disk space you have available effectively.
  • Fortunately, if you set up a defragmentation schedule, Windows will handle it for you.
  • The tool can be configured to perform this daily, weekly, or even monthly.
  • This manual will walk you through the five simple steps necessary to set up this tool correctly.

We all understand how vital it is to correctly manage your disk space because not everyone has access to two or three terabytes of memory.

Making sure you don’t run out is important because most people with access to that much space typically have a lot of things to store.

Even though there are various internal and external storage options for your device, controlling your available space is crucial.

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What is Disk Defragmentation?

A file is stored in an empty place on a disk when a program saves it. Each file’s fragments are collected via defragmentation and kept in one location.

Additionally, it guarantees that all programs are in their respective locations and that all free hard disk space is utilized.

Being merely human, we occasionally overlook doing it ourselves. The good news is that there is a built-in disk defragmentation program with a scheduling feature, so we no longer have to perform it each time manually.

You should consider using Disk Defragmentation sometimes, especially if you frequently add files or software to your computer, as the tool is not at all difficult to use.

How to schedule Disk Fragmentation on Windows 11

Users can more effectively arrange files on their devices with the help of the built-in Defragment and Optimize Drives software in the Windows operating system. It is a simple and quick way to schedule a Windows 11 defragmentation.

 1. Click on the search result to launch the app after typing disk defragments into the search area.

 2. Select “Change settings” from the menu.

 3. Select the preferred frequency after checking the box next to Run on a schedule .

 4. Select the button for Choice.

 5. Decide which drives the defragmentation tool should work on.

 6. To begin the defragmentation procedure, click the Ok button.

I’m done now! You won’t need to worry about it after going through this step because the operating system will take care of it independently.

Not at all difficult, but quite effective. By doing this, you can ensure everything you need is where it should be and save yourself the time and effort of spending hours looking for particular files.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I schedule disk defragmentation to run?

    1. Click the Windows button or the Start menu.
    2. Select System and Security, then Control Panel.
    3. Defragment your hard disk by selecting it under Administrative Tools.
    4. Click Set Up a Schedule.
    5. Choose the desired schedule.
    6. Select OK.

2. Does defragmenting make a computer faster?

Defragmentation reassembles those fragmented fragments of data. As a result, files are stored continuously, which speeds up how quickly your computer can read the disk and retrieve the files you require, improving your PC’s overall performance.

3. Should SSDs be defragmented?

SSDs don’t require defragmentation in the same way that traditional hard disks do, but they do need maintenance now and again. For example, the TRIM software must be run every so often to ensure that deleted blocks are correctly flagged for reuse.

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Uhm, Why is Windows 11 trying to defrag my ssd’s? It’s just shortening ssd lifespan with no benefits. Never happened on W10. from Windows11

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