Roku has rolled back the 10.5 update after it caused problems with popular streaming apps

Roku has rolled back the 10.5 update after it caused problems with popular streaming apps

The recently released Roku OS 10.5 upgrade has been a minor disaster for the firm, resulting in a wave of complaints from users who can no longer watch their favorite shows on social media and the Roku forum. The organization has responded quickly to the problem, but no remedy has yet been found. Roku is rolling back the 10.5 updates in its place, allowing customers to continue using their devices.

Following the 10.5 updates on Monday, Roku users began posting about their different streaming troubles. Roku has provided many updates on the issue since then, and while it continues to investigate the issue, it has provided some further information.

The 10.5 update bug is affecting some older Roku Ultra streaming devices and some older Roku TVs, according to information provided on the company’s forum. Users’ experiences appear to vary, but common complaints include stuttering video playback and the inability to stream videos on popular applications such as Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, and others.

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Roku is bringing its consumers back to streaming as soon as possible by rolling back the software update. Owners of Roku Ultra models 4660, 4661, 4662, and 4670 are advised to check for firmware updates manually. Check to see whether a firmware update is available for the Roku TV model 7XXX.

Users can manually seek the rollback update by going to the Roku OS Settings menu and selecting System > System Update> Check Now. Although any Roku user can roll back their firmware, the company recommends that only those affected by the bug do so.

There’s a YouTube TV problem that’s affecting a lot of people.

Users of the Roku have reported issues with YouTube TV, but this may not be entirely related to the Roku OS update. Around the same time Roku customers started complaining about the 10.5 update, YouTube TV members on other platforms started complaining about issues with the platform on a range of devices.

Some users have reported troubles dating back a week or more, although it’s unclear how long the YouTube live streaming television service has been affected by the streaming glitch. According to sources, whatever fault affects YouTube TV causes the site to stall repeatedly, making watching shows difficult or impossible.

Although the timing is terrible for cord-cutters, the YouTube TV issue and Roku’s OS update appear to be unrelated — albeit if YouTube releases an update before Roku, some Roku users may still have trouble watching YouTube TV unless they roll back their firmware.

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If you have a Roku TV and have been affected by the 10.5 upgrades, you should try rolling back to software update 10.0 using the manual update process described above. If the software update isn’t available for your device, you might be able to receive it by contacting Roku directly for assistance, according to some user accounts.

Your options are even more limited if you’re a YouTube TV customer who can’t utilize the service on a device other than a Roku. Because YouTube hasn’t offered an official fix for this issue, your best bet is to try using the service on a different device. Although it’s unclear how many platforms are affected, it’s possible that the bug doesn’t affect every streaming device you own.

Source: community.roku