Resident Evil Card Game Will See Players Explore Spencer Mansion

Resident Evil Card Game Will See Players Explore Spencer Mansion

Resident Evil: The Card Game is an upcoming co-op game in which players take on the roles of Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine and must work together to escape the Spencer Mansion.

Players will be tasked with exploring the iconic Spencer Mansion as one of two of the series’ most beloved characters in a new Resident Evil card game. Capcom’s survival horror franchise has expanded beyond video games, with movies, an upcoming Netflix series, and Resident Evil board games. Still, now the franchise will expand once more with a card game.

Resident Evil fans have had a good year, with plenty of horror content ranging from releasing a new mainline game to various movie and show announcements and releases. Along with the release of Resident Evil Village earlier this year, fans were also treated to the CG series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and there is still the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City film, as well as a future live-action Netflix series, to look forward to. Village’s DLC has been confirmed in terms of RE games, and Re: Verse, a multiplayer caper, will be released in 2022.

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In 2022, thanks to Resident Evil: The Card Game, there will be even more Resident Evil to look forward to. According to a Dicebreaker feature, up to four players will take control of one of two fan-favourite heroes, Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, and work together to complete objectives. The game will occur in the Spencer Mansion, and players will have to fight zombies to survive. Players will choose action cards to use before working their way through the Mansion to explore a big part of the game. Iconic RE items, such as Green Herbs will appear in the card game, and players will be able to fight or flee from their foes, as is common in survival horror. Resident Evil: The Card Game, according to Dicebreaker, was inspired by old-school video games, harkening back to the days when players would pass the controller between friends. According to publisher Gen X Games, resident Evil: The Card Game will be released in early 2022.

Resident Evil: The Card Game will pay homage to the original PlayStation classic not only in terms of premise and storey but also in terms of features. The Resident Evil game will feature boss battles in addition to many elements from the original 1996 release, such as Jill’s Knife, locked doors, and plenty of undead. Gamers should feel right at home with what is expected to be a difficult game, though an “easy mode” can reduce the difficulty. After the game is finished, a “New Game Plus” mode will introduce new items for fans’ next playthrough, ensuring replayability.

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With so many games in the Resident Evil franchise, it’s possible that Resident Evil: The Card Game is just getting started. More Resident Evil locations and characters could be introduced in the future through expansions or even new editions of the core game. The game’s premise sounds like it could easily be adapted to other series favourites that focus on a single building, such as Resident Evil 7’s Baker Mansion. Resident Evil: The Card Game’s potential is only limited by its reception, but with close ties to the franchise’s origins, this is likely one card game RE fans will not want to miss.

Source: Dicebreaker