Report: Uncertified Android Devices Lose Google Duo Support This Spring


Some Android consumers might locate their Google Duo accessibility increased on March 31.

Many Google Duo users will soon have to migrate into a distinct video-calling provider, as code inside the program suggests it will stop working on particular Android phones that such spring.

Google Duo may soon stop working on uncertified Android devices

9to5Google awakened through the title of the latest variant of Google Duo and discovered that people with uncertified Android mobiles would soon be introduced with warnings that state “Duo is moving off shortly” or “Since you are using an apparatus, Duo may unregister your accounts with this apparatus shortly. Download your own time and phone history to prevent losing them.”

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certified Android apparatus is one that Google has formally deemed protected. They come pre-installed using all the Google Play Store and favorite Google apps, in addition to Google Play Protect, a package of safety features like automatic virus scanning and discover My Device. The hottest Android telephones fall to the “accredited” class. However, there are still exceptions. Because of US sanctions, as an instance, Huawei has been made to launch mobiles without Google programs.

Google Messages may stop working on ‘uncertified’ Android devices in March

If you are on an uncertified apparatus, Duo accessibility is scheduled to finish on March 31, using a 14-day grace period, as stated by the code. However, Google has not made any official statement, also as 9to5Google notes, “Google might or might never send these attributes, and our interpretation of what they are could be incomplete.”

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Weekly, though, a similar message is revealed within the code to get Google Messages.