Report: The Next Pixel Phones Will Feature Google’s Own Chipset

Report: The Next Pixel Phones Will Feature Google's Own Chipset

The’GS101′ SoC can comprise an incorporated Titan M processor for increased safety.

Google’s upcoming Pixel mobiles will reportedly contain its in-house designed “Whitechapel” SoC (System-on-Chip) platform that is being known as “GS101.” The new chipset will indicate its debut on mobiles codenamed “Raven” and “Oriole,” known as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a 5G.

Like any other important Android OEM, Google has up to now sourced the SoCs because of its Pixel apparatus from Qualcomm. On the other hand, the business has been operating on a customized SoC for Pixels and Chromebooks for at least 2020.

Google Working With Samsung SLSI on New Pixel SoCs

Internal records seen by 9to5Google imply that “Whitechapel” is Google’s attempt to make a personalized SoC for both Chromebooks along with Pixel devices. The first chip that will be published as part of the platform is the “GS101,” together with all things probably position for “Google Silicon.”

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The inner files use “Whitechapel” about “Slider,” connected to Samsung’s Exynos processors. The references from the record line to Google working using Samsung’s SLSI branch for its SoC.

This usually means the chip might have similarities using Samsung’s Exynos platform, such as software elements. Samsung will probably create the Google Silicon processor onto its own 5nm foundries.

XDA corroborated the record and maintained that the internal documents point to the “GS101” SoC comprising a three-cluster installation using a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). The files also refer to other Pixel telephones as “dauntless-equipped telephones,” which probably points to them containing an incorporated Titan M processor.

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The “GS101” will likely launch within the Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a 5G rather than the budget-oriented Pixel 5a, which is rumored to start in June 2021.

Google has generated custom processors for its apparatus before. In 2017, the business worked with Intel about the Pixel Visual Core for its Pixel two to improve its image processing capacities.

A Custom SoC Will Allow Google to Support Pixel Devices for a Long Time

Apple is the only firm that develops SoCs for goods in the house, which provides their interests an edge both concerning power and efficacy. Additionally, this is why Apple can encourage iPhones and iPads for 5years after their first release.

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Google’s habit SoC attempts will give you precisely the very same advantages. It will need no longer to rely upon Qualcomm for driver upgrades, which will let it support its Pixel telephones for more.

At this time, Pixel telephones are guaranteed three productions of Android OS upgrades. This might easily be bumped to five years by Google when it’s complete control over the whole hardware pile.