Power Bi Authentication Error? Fix With These Steps

Power Bi Authentication Error? Fix With These Steps

Here we can see, “Power Bi Authentication Error? Fix With These Steps”

Microsoft Power Bi is an effective desktop and web-based data visualization tool. You may occasionally encounter API authentication errors while interacting with the API feeds.

Incorrect API setting is just one of the many causes of the Power Bi login problem.

More of these mistakes can be found in the Microsoft Power Bi community.

I have a couple of API feeds which I connected through the web connector. These require an api key for authentication, I added this in the header using the advanced section.
The data refresh works fine on the desktop version but I have tried to set up a scheduled refresh and I am getting an authentication error. It seems as though it isn’t pulling through the api key in the header:

Here are a few troubleshooting suggestions to assist you in fixing the Power Bi authentication error on Windows 10 if you are also afflicted by this issue.

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How to Fix Power Bi authentication error

1. Check your API Feed

    1. If the Power Bi Desktop client can access the Power Bi web client without any problems, but the Power Bi data refresh via the API fails, there may be a problem with the API feed.
    2. Verify your API again for any mistakes. You may also ask it in the Power Bi community forums to receive more detailed responses.

2. Whitelist Power Bi Domains

    1. The proxy authentication server on your network is most likely preventing web requests from the Power Bi desktop if the problem is connected to proxy authentication.
    2. Check to see if your network employs a proxy authentication server if you are not the network administrator. If yes, request that the network administrator add the following domains to the proxy authentication server whitelist:          app.powerbi.com
      domains in the *.analysis.windows.net namespace
    3. Then restart the computer, open the Power Bi Dekstop client, and verify that the issue has been fixed.

3. Collect a Trace in Power Bi Dekstop

    1. If the problem just affects your desktop, you can assist your network administrator in identifying the root causes of the error by reviewing the error log. You must turn on tracking in Power Bi Desktop for this.
    2. Click on File in Power Bi Dekstop and then choose Options and Settings.
    3. Select Diagnostics by clicking Options.
    4. Check the “Enable tracing” box under “Diagnostic Options” in the current pane.
    5. Once finished, you must carry out the procedures for the error to be repeated.
    6. Navigate to the Trace Folder on your local computer, which is by default in the following place if you get the error again:                                                        C:\Users/<user name>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Power BI Desktop/Traces
    7. To help your administrator rapidly identify the mistake, find the most current trace file and email it to them.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can my Power BI credentials be fixed?

Solution: Go to the refresh settings for a dataset in Power BI. Select Edit credentials for any data source that has an error in Manage Data Sources. Then log back into the data source.

2. How does Power BI authenticate?

    1. Activate Power BI Desktop.
    2. Select Get Data.
    3. OData Feed (or More>Other>OData Feed) should be chosen.
    4. Select OK after entering the OData endpoint’s URL.
    5. Choose Basic in the authentication dialog, enter your credentials, and then select Connect: Enter your login and password if you’re using an AAC.

3. How can I modify my Microsoft region?

    1. Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region should be selected.
    2. Choose your new region under Country or region.
    3. Anytime you want, you can return to your original region.
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