Pixel 6 might be absent from Google’s early October event

Pixel 6 might be absent from Google’s early October event

Now that Apple and Samsung have said all they need to mention for 2021, it’s Google’s time to reveal what it’s been cooking behind semi-closed doors. Android users and maybe even some Apple fans are presumably very interested by the Pixel 6, both for its design also because the new Google-designed Tensor chip. While it’s been widely presumed that Google will reveal its next smartphone in October, it’d not be coming as early. Google does seem to possess an October 5 event scheduled, but the Pixel 6 will be the sole product not invited.

There are tons to be said about the Pixel 6; even just supported what Google has officially teased. Its design is quirky and memorable, and it’s a replacement processor that seems to require to mention something about the present state of mobile processors within the market. It might be the foremost notable Pixel phone since the first in 2016, but those interested in it’ll need to wait a touch longer.

XDA’s Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman noticed a CNET article that will have broken Google’s embargo. Said article was naturally taken down, but not before Rahman was ready to snag a screenshot. The article talks about an occasion that will revolve around new products for Nest, Travel, and Maps, and it also notes that the Pixel brand isn’t included therein the lineup.

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Google calls both hardware devices and software services “products,” so it’ll presumably be a mixture of those two on October 5. that would disappoint some who are hoping for an early check out the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but which may not be distant anyway. Rahman later speculated that subsequent Pixel phones might be launched on October 27 instead, supported the Google Camera app.

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There is definitely tons riding on the Pixel 6, a minimum of as far as Google’s ability to impress and convince Android users to take a position in its phones. Since last year, there has been some level of disappointment within the quality of Google’s Pixel phones, and therefore the “pure” Android experience could be the sole thing drawing buyers at now. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro almost desire a breath of fresh air, but it remains to be seen if they’re going to be ready to live up to expectations.