Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Sees A Bullet Ricochet Off Arthur’s Gun

Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Sees A Bullet Ricochet Off Arthur's Gun

In typically realistic Red Dead Redemption 2 fashion, it seems that enemy bullets can ricochet off weapons that Arthur has stored on his back.

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player recently captured a surprising clip of a bullet ricocheting off one of protagonist Arthur Morgan’s guns. The incident seems to be somewhat rare and is another during a long line of interesting events and features that players are still discovering about the game nearly three years after its release.

These remarkable details aren’t too surprising to some; in any case, Red Dead Redemption 2 cost tons of cash to develop, and it’s clear that those funds were put to use polishing the game’s many systems. From the realistic character animations and robust physics to the much-lauded voice acting and historically accurate level design, everything within the game feels immersive and true-to-life. one among the game’s many tightly engineered features is that the robust catalogue of weapons available to the player; each gun and melee weapon was meticulously designed to seem authentic, with numerous different textures and embellishments appearing on Arthur’s tools of the trade.

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It’s clear to most players that the guns within the game look and performance relatively realistically (barring the activation of a particular Red Dead Redemption 2 oversized gun mod), but a Reddit user referred to as EyeOfDeath69 recently shared a clip which may expand how some players see these weapons. The short video opens on an urban gunfight that sees Arthur hiding on a rooftop while lawmen plan to shoot him down. Many of their shots seem to miss Arthur, but one among them manages to hit him in his back–right where EyeOfDeath69 has chosen to store a rifle. Rather than dealing damage, the bullet appears to ricochet off the metallic weapon, complete with an appropriate effect and a flash of sparks.

Lawman hit the tip of my gun, thought it may be rare from reddeadredemption

Whether or not, realistically, this can occur under the circumstances, it’s certainly a stimulating addition to the best-selling title. Rockstar went thus far on make entering cheat codes immersive in Red Dead Redemption 2. Therefore the indisputable fact that bullets behave this way seems to suit the studio’s overall approach to the game. Most other titles would have the bullet clip through the weapon, so this creative decision serves to further separate Red Dead Redemption 2 from other titles of its ilk.

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It is unclear if this ricocheting bullet effect is just an aesthetic choice or if it serves a tangible gameplay function; the bullet may have hit Arthur and caused damage were it not for the gun, but that’s a theory that may be hard to check within the game. Either way, this clip is further proof that few games have the Red Dead Redemption 2 beat when it involves attention to detail.

Source: EyeOfDeath69/Reddit