Pixel 4 XL get a one-year extended warranty due to battery problems

Pixel 4 XL get a one-year extended warranty due to battery problems

Despite their popularity among Android users due to their vanilla Android experience, Google’s Pixel phones haven’t exactly been famous for their design or manufacturing standard. As a result, there are quite several complaints about this or that manufacturing flaw, especially with the Pixel 5’s alleged “display gap.” Of course, Google often downplays or refutes those concerns. Still, it seems it’s acknowledging that the Pixel 4 XL features a battery problem and is now offering an extended warranty program due to it.

Last year, there are reports about the Pixel 4 XL having battery problems, but those sounded more serious than what a guaranty would cover. Some users claim that the phone’s battery has begun to swell, et al. theorized it had been thanks to a faulty connector. A defect of that sort would require a recall, but none was ever made.

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Google’s extended warranty for the Pixel 4 XL covers other issues instead. Those range from random restarts to the phone not turning on entirely. It seems that some Pixel 4 XLs also suffer from significantly faster battery drain, suggesting the batteries degraded faster than usual.

Not all Pixel 4 XL phones are eligible for the one-year extended warranty, and only those purchased in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and therefore the US belong to its group. You’ll also still need to ask Google repair centers or uBreakiFix if the phone is eligible for a free battery repair. Google also warns that the other repairable damage to the phone has to be fixed first, probably with some fees, before the battery warranty is applied.

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The quality of Google’s phones has split even Pixel fans. So hopefully, the New Look of the Pixel 6 also comes with better quality and reliability. Google’s next flagship features a lot riding thereon, and it’s within the position to be one among Android’sAndroid’s best smartphones yet.