How to: Fix Onedrive Not Syncing on Mac

How to: Fix Onedrive Not Syncing on Mac

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Onedrive Not Syncing on Mac”

  • OneDrive is one of the most frequently utilized cloud storage services available today.
  • OneDrive can have problems, and many users have claimed that it isn’t syncing on their Mac. Fortunately, there is a solution to fix this.

OneDrive is a fantastic cloud storage option that works with many different operating systems, including macOS.

Many Mac users complained that OneDrive was not syncing on their computers. This could be a problem; therefore we’ll explain how to resolve it in today’s article.

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What can I do if OneDrive is not syncing on Mac?

1. Make sure OneDrive is running

    1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities in Finder.
    2. Start Activity Monitor by finding it.
    3. Search for OneDrive under the Process Column heading on the CPU tab.
    4. Make sure OneDrive is running if it isn’t already.

Make sure OneDrive is set to launch automatically to prevent this issue from occurring again.

2. Restart OneDrive

    1. In the menu bar, look for the OneDrive icon.
    2. Choose the option to exit OneDrive.
    3. Restart OneDrive to see whether the issue is still present.

3. Remove the .DS_Store files

    1. Launch the app for Terminal.
    2. Input the sudo ls command, then hit Return.
    3. Use the cd command to move to the folder that isn’t synchronizing.
    4. Run the rm -f DS Store command after that, then hit Return.

Check to see if the OneDrive synchronization issue persists after doing that.

4. Reset OneDrive

    1. Shut down OneDrive entirely.
    2. OneDrive should be found in the Applications folder.
    3. Click OneDrive in the context menu and choose Show Package Contents.
    4. Go to Resources > Contents.
    5. Search for and launch the ResetOneDriveApp.command or ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command file.
    6. Start OneDrive and finish the setup procedure after doing that.

5. Turn off Office Upload

    1. Select Preferences by clicking the OneDrive icon in the Menu bar.
    2. Uncheck the Office box by selecting it. Use Office 2016 to sync any opened Office files.

It’s advised that you disable the Office Upload cache because it occasionally interferes with OneDrive syncing.

Although OneDrive is a fantastic cloud storage option, your Mac may experience sync problems with it.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I compel Mac OneDrive to sync?

In the menu bar, select the OneDrive symbol. After selecting Preferences, go to the Account tab. Click Choose Folders for that location, then select the folders you want to sync to alter the folders that are currently being synced. Click Stop Sync next to a site to stop synchronizing it.

2. Why doesn’t OneDrive sync files?

Visit OneDrive’s Settings and select the “Office” option if it isn’t synchronizing. You must next pick “Use Office to sync Office files that I open” and then click the “Ok” button to save your choice. To solve this problem, restart the drive once more.

3. How can I make OneDrive sync files on demand?

There is only one thing left to do to compel OneDrive to sync. Reopen OneDrive and select the Pause button in the window’s top-left corner. Alternatively, you can choose “Resume syncing” from the menu. By doing this, OneDrive will immediately sync the most recent data.

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