Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU specs have leaked – and you won’t be disappointed

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU specs have leaked – and you won’t be disappointed

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti specs are rumoured for quite a while now, and we have just seen what is promised to be the last hardware configuration with this particular GPU that is allegedly going to property.

Since Tom’s Hardware accounts, a resident of all Twitter (Matthew Smith) seen a GPU-Z validation within at Tech Powerup, which lists the (supposed ) full replicas of this RTX 3080 Ti, and it falls right in line with that which we have already heard in the rumour mill.

Notably, the 3080 Ti may possess 10,240 CUDA cores (in comparison to 10,496 for its RTX 3090), together with 320 Tensor cores along with 80 RT (ray tracing) cores. Furthermore, it will operate with 12GB of all GDDR6X VRAM, using a 384-bit memory suspension that provides a bandwidth of 912.4GB/s (that is not far off at all in the RTX 3090 that strikes 936GB/s).

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By the information, the foundation clock will operate at 1,365MHz with an increase of around 1,665MHz. There is no word on electricity consumption yet. However, the grapevine anticipates this to weigh in at a hefty 350W (unsurprisingly exactly the like the RTX 3090).

Promising celebrity?

Since Tom’s observes, we’re theoretically considering a graphics card that achieves single-precision functionality of around 34.1TFlops, in comparison to 35.58TFlops for its RTX 3090.

Thus this is just another sign. Together with the leaked Geekbench CUDA benchmark that was only just shattered, the RTX 3080 Ti may come really near the operation level of this RTX 3090.

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That is potentially fantastic news for players who need a badly pepped up RTX 3080 — however, the flip side might hint at stressing things on the purchase cost front (before scalpers put in on the action, also push the asking price from the suggested amount ).

The RTX 3080 Ti might be shown by Nvidia on May 31, in only a couple of days in Computex, along with its sibling RTX 3070 Ti card that has also found strong rumours recently. All these GPUs are expected to go on the market shortly after that, together with all the 3080 Ti allegedly set to emerge June 3, followed closely by the 3070 Ti around June 10 (or about).