Nokia Lumia 800 Whatsapp Problem


The Nokia Lumia 800 is a powerhouse when it comes to maintaining you up-to-date with societal networks.

Though the messaging characteristics on the Nokia Lumia 800 are very good, here is another way to Allow You to know what is going on with a group of buddies, WhatsApp is a crossover messenger that Allows You to convey in a simple manner, free to receive your first

Data Connectivity issues with Nokia Lumia 800, Whatsapp

Hey folks — this article is because I’ve been plagued for the previous 3 odd months using an issue in my Nokia Lumia 800. Looking through the world wide web or speaking into the telco customer support to get a solution did not help. Scouring deeper online did. I’m supposing a ton of you utilizing WP7 on Lumia might experience exactly the exact identical issue and consequently this article.

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For about 3 months now, third-party software in my own Nokia Lumia 800 denied linking to the net via 3G. The listing contained Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook, to list a couple. Originally, I would get notifications to your Whatsapp IMs but once I opened the program to socialize, the messages could simply not load. But browsing over the browser in addition to emails functioned just fine.

I tried speaking to Vodafone customer support to test when my 3G strategy was okay and it had been very much busy. Then they transferred me with their specialized staff which made me alter my APN into ‘www‘ that did not do the trick.

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Frustrated, I decided to google the answer (a bit more in-depth than I’d formerly done), and that I eventually found my repair. I discovered the magical fix through an article from Docbhagat to a ribbon onto the Nokia forum.

Steps are anyway given below:

  1. Open the Network Setup program that comes by default to your own Lumia phone. Otherwise, download it in the market. It’s a Nokia program.
  2. Run the support and It’ll detect automatically the Ideal data settings to your operator
  3. Edit the app into ‘www‘ to get Vodafone and then ‘’ to get Airtel (without quotes of course)
  4. Restart the Telephone
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That is it. This easy 4-step procedure did it for me personally.