Neurosity Launches The Crown, a “Brain Computer” You Wear on Your Head

Neurosity Launches The Crown, a

It won’t offer you psychic powers, but it’ll know when you’re slacking off.

Wearing a computer on your head seems like something out of a fantasy movie, but technology is quickly approaching what we once thought could only be found in entertainment. Neurosity is releasing The Crown, a head-based device that reads your brainwaves and detects when you’re getting “in the flow” together with your work.

What Is the Neurosity Crown?

The Crown doesn’t claim to be ready to read your mind, but it can detect when your brain is during a productive mood and when it’s slacking off. The Crown is a smaller amount of how to show on your television by just brooding about it, and more a productivity tool to assist people in getting more work done.

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Using The Crown is straightforward. When you’re able to get to the figure, put it on your head and begin working away. The Crown will take notes and provides you advice and assistance on the way to hit maximum efficiency.

Alex Castillo, Co-founder at Neurosity, said the following:

With Crown, Neurosity has invented an entirely new category of wearable EEG focus device that allows you to take hold of your focus regardless of where you accompany Crown; users will understand how to shift into the direction and stay there.

The Crown has some lofty claims to fill. For one, Neurosity says that the device can automatically detect when you’re working away. When it does, it can mute all of your notifications, so you’ll work without distraction.

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Not only that, but Neurosity is teaming up with Spotify to make sure you get the superior productive auditory experience, too. The Crown will study what tunes help you focus more and then begin piping productivity-enhancing music from Spotify to help you figure.

You can grab one among your own over at the Neurosity website. At the time of writing, Neurosity is employing a monthly batch system to urge The Crown into the public’s hands. Both March and April 2021 are sold out, but you’ll grab one for an excellent $899.

Productivity: It’s All in the Mind

Many mind-related gadgets claim to try to to the extraordinary, but Neurosity’s Crown is undoubtedly one among the more believable examples. We’ll need to see if the reviews give merit to Neurosity’s exciting claims.

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If $899 may be a bit too steep for a productivity boost, don’t be concerned. There are still many small ways you’ll boost your productivity, like using sticky notes.