msi live update no internet connection

msi live update no internet connection

Here we can see “MSI live update no internet connection

5 Ways to repair MSI Live Update No Internet Connection Problem

LIVE UPDATE 6 may be a service application for the MSI system. This service application is responsible for scanning and downloading the newly launched drivers, BIOS, alongside the just-in utility programs. Therefore, to update your device and enhance its performance, you would like an adequate internet connection that doesn’t go down once you install new updates to your phone.

Sometimes you face an internet connection even after you’ve got connected successfully to the web. Luckily, there are quite a lot of fixes for this issue. We got you covered! During this article, we’ll walk you through some critical troubleshooting solutions that might never cause you to lose internet connection while using MSI LIVE UPDATE and after the update.

Why Does LIVE UPDATE MSI Installation Require Internet Connection?

Most of the web users claimed that Windows updates usually get installed without having access to the web. However, if you lack a lively internet connection to launch the Upgrade Installer, your PC wouldn’t be able it’ll not be ready to download any updates or drivers, which is why you’d stay limited to everything on the installation media until your PC gets connected to the web later.

Therefore, your PC needs an online connection to urge the drivers and utilities, and its absence won’t allow you to upgrade your PC. Mostly, after the update, like MSI LIVE UPDATE, your internet doesn’t connect. There are quite a lot of things for that also. However, several fixes can settle that issue. Keep it up reading to understand them.

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MSI’s service provider application LIVE UPDATE scans and downloads installers, utilities, BIOS, and drivers on your PC. Live Update 6 may be a powerful update tool that possesses a user-friendly interface. In addition, it provides an automatic scanner and downloader for MSI products. Using the LIVE UPDATE service keeps your system within the top-tier up-to-date environment.

With LIVE UPDATE 6 installed, you wouldn’t need to search the drivers on a selected MSI website. Instead, your LIVE UPDATE 6 will download the acceptable drivers on its own.

However, your internet connection may go down completely, saying “No Internet Connection” during or after installing the LIVE UPDATE.

How To Troubleshoot MSI Live Update No Internet Connection?

You need to hold out these step-by-step instructions during a sequence to assist locate the MSI LIVE UPDATE No Internet Connection issue and troubleshoot it immediately.

Here they are:

1. Restart Your PC:

We know that an entire lot of you’ve got already tried this solution because it serves to be the only yet best solution when it involves curing internet issues. So, first, confirm you are trying it out. Next, close up your PC for a couple of minutes, then turn it on to ascertain if the web is back.

2. Check Your Modem/Router:

Most of the time, the critical issue lies within the improper arrangement and dealing of your internet router/modem instead of the devices and drivers themselves.

Ensure that you check your modem if it’s indicating green lights, and therefore the WAN light is globing lit.

3. Check For Malicious Apps:

You would haven’t any idea, but there would be malicious applications that navigated your PC during browsing; they cause the most critical internet issues. To confirm that you run your PC with anti-virus programs and uninstall suspicious apps. This solution would assist you at the end of the day.

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4. Run Your PC Through Built-In Troubleshooters:

If you’ve got a good concept, your ISP and modem are working fine; then your wifi adaptor could be the issue-maker. So it’s time you run your PC with a built-in troubleshooter.

Here is how you are doing it:

  • Right-click on the network icon within the taskbar.
  • Select ‘Troubleshoot problems’.
  • Locate the Windows automatically, trying to find network problems.
  • Relocate the problems.
  • Now, fix them.

If the located issue doesn’t get fixed, you’ll need a minimum of searching them out on the web to urge the moment solution.

5. Reinstall The Driver:

If built-in troubleshooter and rebooting don’t help, navigate to the MSI website and download the newly launched driver everywhere again. Then, reinstall the router again after having an adequate internet connection. Your problem should be solved right after reinstalling.

These steps are proved to be authentic when it involves treating MSI LIVE UPDATE No Internet Connection issues.

User Questions:

1. MSI Live Update 6- no internet connection

I have uninstalled and reinstall MSI Live Update 6 a few times, and that I am having issues with it not scanning, and it says no internet connection.

Does anyone skills to repair this issue?

2. MSI MSI Live Update 6.1.035 No Internet Connection

I am running CORSAIR ONE i165, and MSI Live Update 6 throws a “no internet connection” error when attempting to see for updates. However, my internet works fine. I tried a workaround from MSI company website forums that entails disabling ipv6 on my wifi adapter. Indeed, it works fine then. However, I do not want to run my adapter permanently with this setting disabled.

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Is Corsair running a customized version of MSI Live Update? It’s the Corsair logo on the interface and is version 6.1.035. I do know that version 6.2 is that the latest available direct from MSI. Everyone on MSI forums says the bug is fixed by updating to six .2, but I do not want to download directly from MSI if CORSAIR ONE utilizes some customized motherboard loadout. I.e. I do not wish the factory-direct MSI update client to “pick up” the incorrect BIOS updates.

3. No internet connection after MSI Live Update

After updating all drivers with the MSI Live Update software, my internet connection was gone. However, on my phone, my internet worked fine.

My mobo: H87-G43 Gaming.

I used LAN, coaxial cable.

I tried resetting my bios.

4. MSI Live Update 6 Issue

Apologies if this has been asked already, but does anyone else have the difficulty where MSI Live Update 6 doesn’t work because “you’re not connected to the internet?” I am connected, hence being on an internet site asking about the difficulty …

5. MSI live update

I almost uninstall it; no way to hook up with the internet; I won’t altogether disable the firewall(look=n=stop), can’t found any simple rules for this

  1. what sys app I even have to open to be used it
  2. what protocols or something else needs open for this
  3. why most programs work just fine with the internet, but some programs need something special for them:(?