You Can Now Use Filters and Effects on Google Meet for Mobile

You Can Now Use Filters and Effects on Google Meet for Mobile

Google Meet’s mobile app now supports effects and filters on video calls instead of desktop-only support.

You can now use background effects and filters on your Google Meet calls from your smartphone. Google just updated its Google Meet mobile app with support for filters and products.

Google Meet Adds Filters and Effects to Mobile App

Google has updated both the Android and iOS versions of the Google Meet app, adding filters to the video calling platform. You can use the filters and effects of Google Meets to blur your background during work calls or bring some fun to group calls with friends.

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Filters and effects were previously only available for Google Meet calls made from the web on desktop. As a result, you couldn’t use Google Meet’s additional filters even if you used a mobile web browser.

Google Meet uses facial recognition to apply filters and effects, just like the desktop version. Google Meet tracks your head movements so that the results are applied to the right place on the call, regardless of whether it’s virtual accessories or blurred backgrounds. This ensures that your face will not be accidentally blurred to match the environment.

What Filters and Effects Are Available on the Google Meet App?

To access the results, just like Google Meet on, you will need to tap the effects button at the bottom-right corner. It looks like it has sparkling eyes, in case you aren’t sure what to look for.

You’ll find many of the same effects and filters on the web platform under the effects menu. There are also a few new effects. You’ll first notice the background effect. You can set the background color, blur, or image to show only yourself in the call window.

Further down the menu, you will find color effects and overlays as well as some new filters. The Filters section allows users to add masks or virtual accessories to their videos. These filters work in a similar way to Apple’s Memoji and Animoji filters on iOS devices.

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Google Knows Meet Is Here to Stay

Like many other video calling platforms, Google Meet has seen a rise in popularity over the last year and a half. While businesses use most Meet calls, Google can see increased users using them for personal calls.

Many users prefer video calls using their mobile devices with better cameras. Google seems to want to make that happen by bringing all of the Meet features to this destination.