Microsoft Reveals Windows 11

Microsoft Reveals Windows 11

The software giant has announced the new iteration of its famous OS.

There are rumors, whispers, and leaks of a replacement Windows, and now Microsoft has finally made it a reality. The software giant has announced that Windows 11 is coming to a PC near you soon.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 11

On the official stream on the Microsoft event page, the corporate reminded everyone that the OS had been around for 35 years. As such, it is time for a fresh lick of paint to raised fit Windows into a contemporary mindset.

The company also states that the COVID-19 pandemic taught them tons about how people use their computers. After all, we were all stuck indoors when it involves work, learning, and play, and Microsoft stated how the unique situation highlighted the issues that Windows 10 currently has.

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As such, the corporate is proud to announce Windows 11. the brand is extremely familiar; change the “0” within the Windows 10 logo to a “1,” and you will know what it’s like.

Microsoft states that this new iteration of Windows will be more cloud-focused to raised assist you to get work done. It also boasts some shiny new lighting effects, transitions, and styles to offer the whole OS a contemporary look.

And yes, the rounded corners we mentioned previously made it in. These give every window a sleek, rounded look as Microsoft aims for a “calming” look to its new OS.

Fortunately, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Windows Update. Updates to Windows 11 are 40 percent smaller and run within the background to not interrupt your workflow.

The start menu has had an enormous renovation. Now you’ll see all of your favorite apps in one place, and it will immediately show you all of your recent documents.

Windows 11 also will feature “snap layouts.” These will allow you to automatically shift the windows around your screen to pre-set designs that supported how big your monitor is. For instance, you’ll put three apps side-by-side at the press of a button, and therefore the OS will remember what you’ve chosen.

And for those with multiple monitors, Windows 11 will now remember what windows were where you disconnect and reconnect a screen. No more awkward shuffling and resizing windows; now Windows 11 will do that by itself.

There’s sure to be plenty more where that came from, and Microsoft didn’t reveal when it’ll release Windows 11. For now, Windows fans have an enormous update to seem forward to, and we’ll need to wait and see what that update will bring back to the table.

Cranking It Up to (Windows) 11

We’ve heard whispers of Windows 11 within the past, and now the corporate has made its official declaration that it’s coming to a computer near you. Now we just got to cling to and see what it means for us all.

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So, a fresh Windows is coming to you; the question is, what does one want from the OS? Microsoft has the prospect to the right some annoying aspects of Windows with its new operating system, so it’ll be exciting to ascertain what percentage of them they manage to hit.