Microsoft OneDrive Is Getting a Handy Photo Editor

Microsoft OneDrive Is Getting a Handy Photo Editor
Image Credit: Fabián Alexis/Wikimedia Commons

The tech giant’s cloud storage service will allow you to crop and flip images, to call a couple of.

OneDrive may be a good way for Windows 10 fans to store and copy precious data, but it is often a lacklustre touch when managing photos. However, Microsoft is adding some handy new features to its cloud service, which will make it tons easier to edit your favourite photos.

Microsoft OneDrive’s Fancy New Editing Features

Microsoft broke the great news on the Tech Community website. If you’re expecting Photoshop levels of photo editing in OneDrive, you would possibly be disappointed. However, the new features are very handy thanks to making quick and straightforward edits without using an external photo editor.

First up, you’ll now crop images within OneDrive itself. This is often handy when a picture is not the right size or contains an excessive amount of content, and you would like to reduce what’s visible.

If you wish, you’ll tell OneDrive that you want to try to do the cropping manually, and it will offer you the reins. However, it does accompany some presets for banners and social media profiles, so you’ll crop it to the right size with just a couple of clicks.

OneDrive also will allow you to rotate or flip images without requiring a third-party image editor. This is often great if you think that an image would look great mirrored or if all those landscape photos you took together with your phone came out sideways.

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You can also tweak the sunshine and colour settings to urge the photo well. OneDrive will offer you a couple of sliders for elements like brightness and contrast, and you’ll tweak them until you’re pleased with the top result.

Best of all, you do not get to plan any of the tweaks you create using these tools. Once you save an edited image, OneDrive will ask you to overwrite the first file. If you do not, OneDrive will instead reserve it separate to preserve the first.

Those handy features are currently rolling bent OneDrive on the online and, therefore, the Android version. iOS users will need to hold on until later this year to urge these features.

OneDrive Is the Only One You Need

OneDrive may be a good way to stay files safe, but it isn’t so hot about editing them to your liking. Fortunately, you now have a swathe of handy features to edit your images with… unless you’re on iOS, of course.

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Microsoft has been hard at work tweaking OneDrive lately. Shortly ago, the corporate added a replacement thanks to easily keep track of the folders you’ve uploaded.