Microsoft Is “Actively Working” to Fix Unresponsive Xbox Controllers

Microsoft Is

Is your new Xbox collection X control playing already? Do not stress; Microsoft is about the instance. Perhaps you have noticed that another generation of Xbox controls has difficulty maintaining your gambling habits? If this is the case, you may be certain that Microsoft understands and Fix Unresponsive Xbox Controllers.

Microsoft’s Problems With the Xbox Controller

Microsoft announced its aim to mend unresponsive controllers in an announcement to The Loadout. If you have not Fix Unresponsive Xbox Controllers yourself, individuals are discovering their latest Xbox collection X controls are not responding and enjoy.

An individual called “SK Lee” comprehensive the issues they confronted with their new control. The Y button did not respond to each button press for starters, regardless of the additional buttons functioning flawlessly.

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If this was not sufficient, SK Lee reported that the control would shed its link every so often. Together with the button issue, it created playing games using the control an extremely frustrating experience.

Microsoft’s Response to the Xbox Controller Woes

Luckily, Microsoft understands full well about those issues. In an announcement, the Business stated the following:

At Microsoft, we place all our products through strict excellent assurance testing and are devoted to supplying clients with an unparalleled gaming experience. We’re aware some gamers could be undergoing unresponsiveness using their brand new Xbox Wireless Controllers, and our teams are still actively working with away. For the best experience, we invite clients to pay a stop by Xbox Support for aid.

Sadly, this announcement seems to be nothing more than reassuring and admitting that the provider is repairing the matter. But if you’re experiencing control difficulties, stay tuned to get a patch later on.

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A Rocky Start for the Xbox Series X Controllers

This isn’t the first time we have seen Microsoft own until the Xbox collection X controls’ imperfections. In January 2021, Microsoft said that it had been working on a cure for Xbox collection X’s disconnection problems.

It is essential for Microsoft to away these control issues since the contest is scorching at this time. The Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 5 are setting up great numbers, and Microsoft can not afford to allow its controllers to become bogged down with those game-breaking troubles.

Giving Control Back to the Players

If you have found your Xbox collection X control is acting up, then you are not alone. Others have been reporting iffy switches and disconnection difficulties; however, Microsoft is hopefully, sooner rather than later, about the situation.

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