Next-gen PlayStation VR in 2021? Don’t get your hopes up

Next-gen PlayStation VR in 2021? Don’t get your hopes up

Soon after that the PlayStation 5 started, Sony confirmed that it is working on a brand new PlayStation VR headset to the stage. Details about this next-gen PSVR are pretty slim because of the first announcement; although Sony has complete the newest controls, which can ship with the apparatus, we have not seen the newest PSVR headset, nonetheless, and Sony has not discussed dates. These days, a new report shows a few important specifics concerning the following PSVR, among them being the headset launch window.

These details concerning the next-generation PSVR come within a Bloomberg profile for a company called Japan Screen Inc. The content details Japan Screen’s decision to change from creating screens for smartphones to creating LCD screens for VR cans. While Japan Screen has built relationships with many VR headset manufacturers, one firm has not committed to utilizing its screens: Sony.

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Rather, Bloomberg states that Sony intends to utilize Samsung Screen’s OLED panels at another PlayStation VR headset. That is based on individuals who know about Sony’s programs, which also state that the business targets a vacation 2022 launching for the headset.

That is a large detail concerning PSVR tucked off within a post that is not about Sony to start with. So far, Sony has not discussed release dates to its next-gen PSVR in any way, and Bloomberg’s origins are stating that a vacation 2022 launching is probably, it will most likely be a while until we receive an official confirmation by Sony.

While we do not know a lot about the cans at this time, we understand a great deal about its newest controls, which will discuss attributes with all the PS5 DualSense such as Adaptive Triggers along with Haptic Feedback. We’ll allow you to know once more concerning the headset that is disclosed, but for the time being, it seems like we should not expect it to start for over a year.

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