Microsoft Gives the Surface Duo a Much-Needed Update


It is the first upgrade for its two-screened wonder because November 2020.

Though the Surface Duo did not precisely wow the planet, Microsoft has not given it up just yet. The business has only affirmed a January 2021 upgrade coming from the pipeline, and it is set to provide Surface Duo owners a thing to think of.

What is Included at the Surface Duo January 2021 Update?

All the juicy details seemed on the Surface Duo upgrade page to theĀ official Microsoft Support site. These particulars are as follows (emphasis ours):

Addresses events summarized at the Android Security Bulletin – December 2020 and also January 2021. Enhances Microsoft Surface Duo UI equilibrium. Adds the capability to put in a caller to summit calls in some specific ailments. Improves sound quality when utilizing speaker style. Enhances signature equilibrium.

The equilibrium upgrades might appear small-time, but it is really a massive step forwards for the Surface Duo. If you cast your mind back when the Surface Duo received fair release testimonials, folks believed the hardware was superior, but the program was a small buggy.

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Currently, with this upgrade, the software giant is now handling a few of the sorest areas folks had with all the Surface Duo. Given the dual-screened apparatus is directed to get a global release shortly, it might only be the spot it ought to impress reviewers overseas.

A Little Update on the Surface

Though the January 2021 upgrade for your Surface Duo might appear meager, it merely may be the shot in the arm the gadget requirements. We will see whether the enhanced stability will probably be sufficient to win within the foreign audience.

If you recall, the Duo was dinged on launch because of its own camera. Luckily, that issue was thrown away back from the November update.

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