Microsoft Edge Dev gets new security and privacy features


By way of instance, if you do not permit access to your own storage (files, videos, pictures, etc.), the efforts would be obstructed by Microsoft Edge’s default or present arrangement.

Fixed a problem where specific webpages can not be interpreted because the instant to explain them does not appear.

Microsoft states these configurations might help improve privacy and prevent unwanted access to some sensitive data from unknown or untrusted parties, but this”feature might have undesirable side effects like blocking access to articles that the user might want to see”.

Obsoleted that the TLS 1.3 Hardening For Neighborhood Anchors Enabled management coverage.

List of additional known issues:

Fixed a problem where information sometimes can not be erased from Firefox because it is missing from the listing of available browsers.

Microsoft is now aware of the numerous known problems in Edge Dev, such as one bug where consumers conducting the OS 11 trailer (Big Sur) might suffer from versions of Edge. There is another problem where users with hardware may observe unintended scrolling behaviour.

Some customers are visiting favourites become replicated after we left some other fixes in that region. The most typical way is by merely signing using an account which has signed to Edge to it and then installing Edge’s station. But we have also seen copying occur when conducting the deduplication on multiple machines before a machine has an opportunity to completely sync its own changes, so while we wait patiently for a number of the fixes we have designed to come to secure, be sure that you leave lots of time between runs of this deduplication.

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The attribute was under a rollout, although it is worth noting that the Storage Access API service was released at the last update.
Microsoft states this API enables Microsoft Edge accessibility to first-party storage at a third-party context and it needs”direct intent” or consent from users to permit storage access.

Fixed a problem where tooltips occasionally get stuck off, even if Edge is not the active window.

Together with the newest upgrade, Microsoft says it’s fixed a problem on Mac where browser or sync occasionally fails. Another bug was fixed when submitting comments, where the browser could crash. Additionally, an issue has been solved by Microsoft when opening or printing Preferences at a Guest window at which the navigate crashes.
Be aware that this appears to be worse and only affects sites. This is probably associated with our work that is continuing to deliver back scrolling back with Edge Legacy’s behaviour into parity, so if that behaviour is undesirable, it is possible to temporarily turn it off by disabling the border://flags/#edge-flag.

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There are a few problems where users with numerous audio output devices occasionally do not get any noise from Edge. Edge becomes unmuting it fixes it and dulls at the Windows Volume Mixer. In a different, it is set by restarting the browser.

There is A new update currently available for Microsoft Edge Insiders, and the update’s focus is that the debut of SameSite biscuits and Kiosk style.

Based on the changelog, Microsoft is enabling a new Chromium attribute in Edge Dev that compels sites to define the SameSite=Not One feature to utilize third-party cookies. Microsoft says biscuits with this feature will be treated as though they are SameSite=Lax.

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Fixed a problem where scrolling occasionally does not function when viewing PDFs.

Users of specific adblocking extensions might experience playback mistakes on Youtube. As a workaround disabling the expansion needs to allow, playback to move. Watch… for additional information.

Fixed a problem in which changing a profile image for profiles which are not signed in does not work.

Following the first fix for this lately, some users are experiencing Edge windows getting all black. Be aware that imitating an Edge window seems to influence users with hardware that is specific and readily triggers this. For users with GPUs that are different graphics drivers might help.

Fixed a problem where pasting Info Secure content into a PDF occasionally does not function as anticipated.
Storage accessibility API Users of this Kaspersky Internet Suite that possess the related extension installed may occasionally see webpages such as Gmail neglect to load. This failure is a result of the Kaspersky applications being out of date and is fixed by making sure the version is set up.