MediaTek Shipped More Mobile Chips Than Qualcomm in 2020

MediaTek Shipped More Mobile Chips Than Qualcomm in 2020

When you consider the chip battle, then you likely consider Intel and AMD in the pc area. But there is another conflict between Qualcomm and MediaTek that is equally as significant.

While many men and women are inclined to think of why Qualcomm since the company behind several of their ideal flagship chips available on the current marketplace, MediaTek managed to send more cellular processors compared to Qualcomm in 2020, and it can be very striking.

MediaTek vs Qualcomm in 2020

By a report by Omdia (subscription needed ), MediaTek grew a foolish 48 percentage Year-over-Year (YoY) from 2020 to attain a total of 352 million units sent. On the opposing side of this struggle, Qualcomm fell 18 per cent YoY, bringing its overall imports to 319 million components.

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While Qualcomm number is not limited, visiting a reduction in YoY imports is never a good factor for an organization.

A significant reason behind MediaTek’s expansion is that firms and Xiaomi and Huawei have been unable to use Qualcomm chips due to the limitations of the Trump government. As they had to keep their smartphone companies, they needed to search for chips from another provider, which dropped to MediaTek.

What Does This Mean?

As a customer, it likely does not indicate that more than the struggle between Intel and AMD. After the afternoon, the competition makes everyone better. When cellular chipset manufacturers are engaged in a tight battle, we will wind up with better processors for our telephones.

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