Krita Is Now Available on the Epic Games Store

Krita Is Now Available on the Epic Games Store

About this time one year past, Epic encouraged Krita using a $25,000 grant to assist growth.

Taking a look at the very top creative applications available now, you are going to discover that a huge majority of apps either ask that you register for a costly subscription (we are looking at you, Adobe and Autodesk) or create a hefty one-time buy (and today we are looking at you, Clip Studio Paint).

Neither of these choices are unreasonable asks, but it will make electronic artwork a bit less accessible. Fortunately, it’s always Krita, the painting applications you ought to use not to manage the business standard material.

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Krita Arrives in the Epic Store

Now you can buy Krita, the specialist electronic painting program, about the Epic Games Store for $9.99. Krita runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

But Isn’t Krita Free?

Krita is a free program and always was. You’re able to download it from the official site without needing to invest any cash. Nevertheless, it is developed with a really small group –that there are just four programmers (Boudewijn, Dmitry, Tiar, and Ivan) operating on Krita full-time.

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Presumably, the programmers wish to maintain Krita free and consider offering artists choices to help encourage them whenever they enjoy using the app. Therefore, purchasing Krita on Epic is, however, one method you can certainly accomplish.

Consider Supporting The Krita Foundation

When for whatever reason, you are picky about your electronic vendors, Krita is on Steam too for exactly the exact cost. If you catch either of those paid downloads, you will also have the ease of automatic upgrades.

You may even directly contribute to the Krita growth group. The vast majority of the donation capital goes towards incorporating new features and enhancing Krita on all programs. The currency also helps finance hardware, power customer service, and travelling (e.g. sending agents to international conventions, programmer sprints, etc.).

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