Install Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller Driver on Windows 10

Install Afterglow Xbox 360 controller driver on Windows 10

Here we can see, “Install Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller Driver on Windows 10”

  • Installing the Afterglow Xbox 360 controller driver on Windows 10 can be difficult, but we’ll walk you through it.
  • First, make sure you have the correct drivers, which you can get from the support page.
  • You can also utilize a third-party app to automate the entire process.
  • Before beginning any procedure, make sure your device is plugged into the proper port.

On Windows, using an Xbox controller is usually a breeze. Moreover, playing some game genres without a controller is a slow and painful process.

So, using a well-built console controller on your PC, such as the Afterglow Xbox 360 controller, is rather common, especially considering that the Xbox 360 is already an outdated platform.

However, it appears that certain customers will be unable to employ the plug-and-play strategy. Fortunately, we have a solution below.

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How can I get the Afterglow Xbox 360 controller to work?

1. Obtain the proper drivers

  1. Check that your controller is connected to a USB 2.0 port.
  2. The driver can be downloaded from the Xbox support page.
  3. Run the installation in Compatibility mode by right-clicking on it.
  4. Restart your computer.

If that doesn’t work, here’s how to find a locally stored driver that might:

  1. Open Device Manager by right-clicking Start.
  2. Expand this area by going to Sound, video, and game controllers.
  3. Choose Update driver from the context menu when you right-click on your controller.
  4. Select Look for driver software on my computer.
  5. Click Allow me to select a driver from a list of options on my PC.
  6. From the drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Common Controller For Windows Class.
  7. Select the most recent driver and install it.
  8. Restart your computer.

All controllers should operate with a simple Plug-and-Play sequence due to cross-platform support and the fact that Microsoft is behind both Xbox and Windows.

Simply connect your controller to the computer and wait for the system to install drivers.

After that, you can customize them in the Hardware settings or the in-game settings as needed. In any case, that’s how Windows 10 normally works.

Some users, however, are unable to get it to work on its own. The issue appears to be with the driver, which works for some but not for others. This can be fixed by manually installing the driver in compatibility mode.

After extensive searching, we haven’t been able to locate an Xbox 360 controller driver for Windows 10. However, the Windows 7 version should work fine once in compatibility mode.

2. Use third-party software to update your drivers automatically

To avoid significant issues, it is recommended that you utilize a professional driver updater tool.

Using special software, you can automatically install and update your drivers in a matter of seconds, keeping you secure from problems.

The system does not correctly update the generic drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals most of the time.


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User Questions

1. What is the best way to link my Xbox 360 Afterglow controller to my computer?

  1. Enter ‘Device Manager’ in the ‘Start’ box.
  2. Find your Afterglow controller in the ‘Other Devices’ dropdown.
  3. Select ‘Update Driver Software’ from the context menu when you right-click it.
  4. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ in the pop-up window that displays.
  5. Choose ‘Let me choose from a list of available drivers on this computer.’

2. What is the procedure for installing Xbox 360 drivers on Windows 10?

Connect the Xbox 360 controller to any computer’s USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection. Other than Windows 10 updates, Windows 10 will automatically install drivers for your controller, so you won’t have to download or install any software.

3. How do I get my Xbox 360 controller to recognise in Windows 10?

Simply hit the pairing button on your adapter and then the pairing button on your controller to resolve the issue. The controller will then be linked with your computer, and the necessary USB drivers will be installed. Check if the problem persists after the controller has been linked.

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