Instagram Appears to Be Working on a Clubhouse Competitor

Instagram Appears to Be Working on a Clubhouse Competitor

Instagram Working on Clubhouse Competitor features to the present photo-sharing app.

If there’s one app that has created a buzz lately, it’s Clubhouse. Many companies are now trying to form alternatives to the present app, with Instagram being one among them. Instagram is functioning on Audio Rooms—a feature that resembles Clubhouse’s concept.

Audio Rooms in Instagram

As reported by a leaker on Twitter, Instagram appears to be performing on a feature to bring the famous app Clubhouse’s features within this photo-sharing app.

The feature seems to be in its early stage, suggesting it’ll be a short time before you’ll see and use it in your Instagram account.

The user’s screenshots suggest that the Audio Rooms feature will likely be incorporated into the Direct Messages screen within the app. Here, you will find a replacement microphone icon that’ll allow you to start a replacement audio room.

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Another screenshot by an equivalent user mentions the word Loading, then a mic icon next to that. This mic option will be wont to mute and unmute yourself while you’re in an audio room. You would possibly even be ready to exit an audio room from this screen, but this is often not confirmed yet, just like the feature itself.

Instagram’s New Encryption Feature

The same Twitter user notes that Instagram is functioning on an end-to-end encryption feature for your messages.

A new option is saying Start end-to-end encrypted chat has been seen in one among the Twitter user’s screenshots, suggesting that you’re going to be soon ready to initiate encrypted conversations with other Instagram users.

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When You Will Get These New Instagram Features

These features currently seem to be in their early stage, and this suggests you will need to attend for a short time to be ready to use these in your Instagram app.

Meanwhile, confirm you retain Instagram updated on your phone to ensure you get these features as soon as they’re enrolled. Enabling auto-updates in Google Play Store may be a good idea to make sure you do not miss the newest Instagram app updates.

Use Audio Rooms and Encrypted Chats Now

An easy thanks to using these features immediately is to use the apps that support these features already.

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To use Audio Rooms, you’ll install Clubhouse on your phone. If you would like to possess encrypted chats, many apps, including WhatsApp, allow you to try this.

Use Clubhouse-Like Features

Instagram Working on Clubhouse Competitor Likely, you will not need to move from your favorite photo-sharing app to use features just like the ones provided in Clubhouse. You’ll also soon be ready to send encrypted messages to other users from your Instagram account.