Instagram Story Length

Instagram Story Length

How To Post Longer Videos Onto Instagram Stories

Instagram’s Stories attribute was motivated mainly by Snapchat’s very own Stories attribute, but it’s since gone on to carry on a life of its own. For anyone unfamiliar, Stories is an enjoyable way of sharing brief video clips or graphics which can vanish after 24 hours. This is beneficial if you have some theme happening in your Instagram profile that you would rather not interrupt with non-related articles (Instagram Story Length).

The disadvantage to Stories is it has a limitation concerning the maximum amount of seconds per Story, meaning if you wished to talk about a movie more than 15 minutes later on, you might be out of luck. But this does not signify it isn’t hopeless, and for this guide, we will explain to you just how you can post more videos on your Instagram Stories.

Method 1 – Using Instagram To Automatically Cut Your Videos

If you upload a movie more than 15 seconds for your Stories, even if it’s brief enough, then Instagram will cut that movie to you. By way of instance, in case you’ve got a video that has 60 minutes in duration, then uploading to Stories will mechanically cut that movie to four 15 minute sections.

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Regrettably, there’s a limit of 1 second, which means that the most amount of occasions Instagram will splice the movies for you is right to four 15 minute sections. In case you have videos below 60 seconds, then that shouldn’t be an issue, but should you have videos higher than 60 minutes, you will want to go into the other approaches listed below to determine which works better for you.

Method 2 – Manually Cutting Your Videos

In case the procedure above does not do the job for you. You will need to manually cut down your videos to 15-second sections or 60-second sections and allow Instagram to do the remainder of the. By default, your smartphone will include some simple video editing programs which will permit you to cut and cut the movie to your preferred length.

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  • Establish the Photos program
  • Pick the movie you need to trim and tap Edit in the top right corner.
  • Drag the slider in the right or left to increase or reduce the length
  • Tap Done


  • Establish the Gallery program
  • Pick the movie you need to trim, and then tap on the Scissors icon.
  • Tap Trim
  • Drag the slider in the right or left to increase or reduce the length
  • Tap the checkmark icon once you are done

The issue with manually trimming your movies would be your collection of where every section starts and finishes might be quite as exact as you may enjoy. Still, at a pinch, then it needs to be significant enough for the business finished.

Method 3 – Using A Third-Party App

If you’d like a faster and simpler method of trimming your movies to upload them into Instagram Stories, then you may have to switch to a third-party program. There are lots of programs you’ll be able to pick from, and we have listed them below where it is possible to download them for iOS or even Android.

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Notice: Each of the programs are not free to use, but a few include watermarks and advertisements, which you can choose to pay a small fee to eliminate. You do not need to, but If You Would like to eliminate those constraints, you’ll Have to pay for them.

CutStory (Download For iOS)

  • Establish the CutStory program and tap Video
  • Pick the movie you would like to trim
  • Tap the download button towards the bottom right corner of this display and choose Instagram Stories
  • Await the movies to be processed and trimmed, and It Is Going to save it on your cellphone’s camera roll.
  • You can then establish Instagram and then Pick the trimmed movies to upload them into your Stories.