How to Send PDF to Kindle

How to Send PDF to Kindle

If you’re searching for a simple method to send PDF documents into a Kindle apparatus, Amazon provides many choices for moving files. However, many processes require the Kindle apparatus to be attached to a PC with a USB cable, which might not be the most suitable.

The simplest way we have found — and also one which may be used with Win2PDF — would always be to send the PDF document as an email attachment right into the Kindle apparatus. The Amazon Kindle ebook reader supports PDF documents via Amazon’s Kindle Personal Records Service. To utilize this support, you have first to inform Amazon to take email from the email address. Use the following steps to Allow email to your Kindle:

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  1. Proceed for a Kindle Personal Documents Settings site.
  2. Under Approved Personal Document E-mail List, insert your email address.
  3. Beneath Send-to-Kindle Email Settings, locate and capture your own Kindle’s email address. This speech should finish in @kindle. com. Here is the speech you will send PDF files.

When the Amazon Personal Document Settings are configured, sending PDF files right to your Kindle by simply sending an email using all the PDF documents attached. Win2PDF users may send the email automatically when storing a PDF document (see these directions under “How to email a PDF document after making it?”).

Please be aware that Amazon charges fees for sending files into an own Kindle for several devices.

• For Kindle apparatus with Wi-Fi just (no more 3G), there’s no fee to get PDF documents. The Kindle has to be linked to some Wi-Fi system to obtain PDF documents.

• Kindle apparatus using 3G, Amazon charges a modest charge to supply the PDF documents over 3G when the Kindle isn’t currently linked to some Wi-Fi system. To avoid prices on 3G Kindles, then you may use @free. since the email address to prevent PDF files from being sent over 3G.

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