How To Post On Soundcloud From Iphone

How To Post On Soundcloud From Iphone

Here we can see, “How To Post On Soundcloud From iPhone”

Posting a Comment to a Soundcloud Track

  1. Please tap on the Soundcloud app to open it. The Soundcloud icon seems like a white cloud on an orange background.
      • You must be logged in to a Soundcloud account to use the app. If this is often your first time using the Soundcloud app, you will need to make an account before continuing. Enter your email address and choose a password when prompted.
  2. Please tap on the name of a song to start out playing it. The song’s title appears during a field at the rock bottom of the screen.
      • You can find tracks that you’ve got previously liked by tapping on the My Library icon. The My Library icon is on the Soundcloud window’s right bottom and appears like three straight vertical lines with a diagonal, vertical line on the top.
  3. Tap on the name of the song on the rock bottom of the screen. This brings up the full-screen player — a page with the song title at the highest, a progress bar within the middle third, and an inventory of icons across rock bottom.
  4. Tap on the comment icon to form a post. The comment icon is that the other is proper and appears sort of a speech bubble with two horizontal lines inside it.
  5. Tap on the “Add a comment at…” text field. This brings up a page that shows all existing comments for this song.
  6. Type your text into the “Add a comment at…” field. Most comments on Soundcloud tracks are relatively short.
  7. Tap on the orange button at the top of the text field to post your comment. This posts your comment to Soundcloud.
      • Your comment appears within the song’s progress bar at an equivalent playtime that you tapped on the comment icon. This enables you to connect a comment to a selected moment within the music.
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