How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad

How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad

Here we can see, “How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad”

Your old iPad could be still going strong, but if all of your apps need newer versions of iOS to run, it seems like you can’t do anything with it. Don’t worry; we’re here with an ingenious trick that will assist you to load your old device with older versions of your favourite apps.

What’s the Deal With Old Versions of iOS and New Apps?

As of the publication of this text, we’re currently on iOS 9 and, during a short few months, iOS 10 will roll bent the general public. Although Apple does a reasonably admirable job dragging old hardware along for every iOS update, every train features a final stop. For instance, the iPhone 4 is stuck at iOS 7.1.2, and the first-gen iPad is stuck back at iOS 5.1.1. With every new wave of iOS hardware, a little bit of the legacy hardware is left behind.

While getting stuck on older software is par for the course, it is often frustrating. Many of us abandon these old but still functioning devices not because they’re upset about missing out on the new iOS features but because it’s such a pain to download apps to them.

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The way Apple has the App Store configured, you’re always directed towards the most recent version of an application. On the surface, this is often a wonderfully sensible thing for Apple to do: why would they ever want you to download older, buggier, and potentially less secure software when there’s an updated version available? When you’re on an older device, however, this suggests an app might not be compatible together with your old version of iOS. Look for an application within the App Store on your iPad 1, for instance. Therefore the App Store app will tell you that the app can’t be downloaded because it requires a tool running iOS 7 (or 8, or 9), and thus can’t be installed on your iPad…even if there was an iOS 5 version of the app at some point within the past.

What they don’t tell you, though, is that you can easily (no jailbreak required) and legally (no piracy required) download old versions of applications to your older iOS devices with a reasonably simple trick.

Before we walk you through that trick, there’s one minor and obvious caveat: the trick only works on apps that had versions compatible with your OS. You can’t download an iOS 5 version of a six-month-old app that never had a version compatible with iOS 5.

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With that in mind, let’s take a glance at the way to refill your ageing iPad 1 with apps, frustration-free.

How to Download Old App Versions to Your Older Device

The App Store keeps a record of all of your previous app purchases and, in many cases, will allow you to download them again if they’re compatible with the device you’re using.

That’s why if you’ve previously downloaded a version of (say) Pages that’s compatible together with your old iOS 9 iPad, and you continue to can. Just do this:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Tap the Account icon
  3. Tap Purchased, then tap My Purchases.
  4. You’ll be rewarded with an inventory of all the apps you’ve ever purchased – counting on your habits, and this might be quite a lengthy list.
  5. Shorten the list a touch by tapping the Not on this iPhone/iPad item at the highest.
  6. You’ll now see an inventory that has all the apps you’ve purchased through your current Apple ID.
  7. Please go through the list until you discover the app whose old version you’re trying to find and tap the blue cloud icon beside its name.
  8. It should now install.

User Questions:

  1. Is my iPad too old to update?

For most people, the new OS is compatible with their existing iPads, so there’s no got to upgrade the tablet itself. However, Apple has slowly stopped upgrading older iPad models that can’t run its advanced features. … The iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Mini can’t be upgraded past iOS 9.3.

  1. Can I still use an old iPad?
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Uses for Obsolete iPads

It’s okay to use the device until it dies. Still, the longer your iPad goes without updates from Apple, the more likely it’s that security glitches could affect your tablet. So, don’t use an unpatched iPad for important or sensitive applications.

  1. Why are apps not installing on my iPhone?

Often, when apps are stuck waiting or not downloading on your iPhone, there’s a problem together with your Apple ID. Every app on your iPhone is linked to a selected Apple ID. If there’s a problem thereupon Apple ID, apps may grind to a halt. Usually, signing out and back to the App Store will fix the matter.

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