Galaxy S22 Model Numbers Revealed, Expected Launch Next Year

Galaxy S22 Model Numbers Revealed, Expected Launch Next Year

The only phones that will be released this year are the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. The Galaxy Note series is currently on a break. The Galaxy S22 series, if you are not interested in the upcoming Galaxy foldable phones, will be the next big thing.

More leaks about Galaxy S22 are expected to surface as the year 2022 nears.

There are some small flaws in the S22. It could have up to 65W fast-charging and more advanced camera sensors. Most likely, it will be a 200MP sensor with Olympus branding.

Although it is impossible to know if any of these rumors are true, we have new information from our sources. According to our sources, the Galaxy S22 phones are equipped with the following model numbers.

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Samsung’s SM-9xx model series started with the Galaxy S5 and ended with the Galaxy S21 smartphones. These were the SM-991x, SM-996x, and SM-9988x. However, Samsung seems to have decided to convert the G to an S and then re-use the 9xx range numbers for the next ten years of Galaxy S flagships.

These model numbers indicate that the Galaxy S22 will have 5G connectivity. This is expected considering that all 2021 Samsung flagships are (5G)-ready. We don’t know much more, but we expect that the S22 will launch next year with the AMD-powered Exynos chipset. Current rumors suggest that it will launch in January.