how to fix a cell phone speaker that got wet

how to fix a cell phone speaker that got wet

Here we can see “how to fix a cell phone speaker that got wet

We’ve all done it at some point. We splashed our phones while washing the dishes, ran through heavy rain with our phone glued to at least one ear, or maybe completely submerged it during one of those evening podcast sessions within the bathtub.

We all know that water can cause damage to phones, but how? For one, it can make phones short. Second, electronic devices are designed to possess electrical currents flowing in specific paths. Since water possesses the power to expire an electrical current, it wreaks havoc on your phone.

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The result’s electrons are flowing everywhere, batteries becoming rapidly discharged, and overall causing excessive current flow that damages the interior components. Even just a touch little bit of moisture is often bad. When even just a little amount of water gets inside a phone, it can remain there for a short time. If this happens, the minerals in water can corrode the circuits, coils gradually, and resistors while you’re none the wiser.

So, suppose your telephone ever takes an unintended dunk within the swimming bath as soon as you’ve collected yourself. In that case, there are a couple of belongings you should do immediately (and avoid) to lower the danger of injury. the foremost important being is powering off your device, drying it down with a soft, absorbent cloth, avoiding pressing unnecessary buttons, and moving it around an excessive amount of – both can cause water to delve deeper into your phone. You’ll leave your phone to dry out for a couple of days during a bag of rice to assist absorb the moisture.

Once you’ve switched on your device, it’s going to seem to be working just fine until it involves using your speakers. But then, crackling noises and muffled sounds could mean that there’s still water trapped inside your speakers. To be sure all the water has left your phone, there are a couple of apps you’ll download to help you.


Free on App Store

Sonic generates a wave tone with easy, precise control over the frequency. Swipe your finger up and down anywhere on the screen to boost or lower the tone frequency. Swipe slowly for little frequency adjustments quickly for larger adjustments. The vibrations created are said to be useful for dispelling water from within phones through their speakers.

Speaker Cleaner

Free on Google Play

Your phone survived contact with water, but the sound coming from the speaker now sounds muffled? This is because some water should be trapped within the speaker. Speaker cleaner will assist you in unclogging your speaker by removing any remaining water.

Super Speaker Cleaner

Free on Google Play

Speaker Cleaner is an app that has various built-in cleaning modes to assist you in removing trapped water inside the speaker with great success.

With the Speaker Cleaner app, you’ll clean and expel water from the speaker in seconds. This easy process of removing water entails positioning the phone so that the speaker is facing downwards, turning the quantity to the utmost, disconnecting headphones if connected, and tapping the button to start the cleaning process.

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