How to Change Language on Facebook


Where can I find and manage my Facebook language settings?

When you produce a Facebook accounts, Facebook looks in precisely the identical terminology as the one which that you select on your apparatus language preferences. Also, we match how we display dates, numbers, and time to your speech area.

It’s possible to change your language settings to observe things like notifications, buttons, text, and tooltips in another language.

Notice: altering region settings like dates and temperature, number, and time formats can only be bought on your personal computer currently.

To change your Facebook language settings:

  • Proceed to your Preferences.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings & privacy > language.
  • Pick the language which you would like Facebook to look in.
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Remember that:

  • Transforming your FB account’s language settings will not alter your pc, telephone, or tablet’s preferences.
  • If you alter your FB language settings on a single device, it will not alter the preferences on a different gadget. For instance, if you alter your FB language settings on your pc, you will also need to upgrade your FB language settings on your mobile cell phone.

To change other language settings:

You can alter other News Feed language configurations, for example:

  • We are transforming the language which you would love to have articles interpreted into.
  • I am turning off translations for articles in different languages.
  • They are updating whether articles in another language are automatically interpreted.
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