How Do I Send Photos In Messages On My iPhone? Find The Missing Camera!

How Do I Send Photos In Messages On My iPhone? Find The Missing Camera!

Here we can see, “How Do I Send Photos In Messages On My iPhone? Find The Missing Camera!”

You’ve recently updated your iPhone and want to share a picture with a friend. You open the Messages app and begin your conversation, only to notice that the camera button is missing! Don’t be concerned. In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to send images from your iPhone’s new Messages app and how to locate the “lost” camera button.

How To Send Photos In The iPhone Messages App In iOS 10

The first thing you’ll notice when you open a discussion in the new Messages app is a grey arrow symbol to the left of the text field. Three additional buttons appear when you tap this button: a camera, a heart, and an App Store button. Before we go any further, let’s address one of the most often asked questions about iOS 10’s new Camera app:

My Camera Button Is Missing!

Don’t worry, and it’s still there! When Apple upgraded the Messages app in iOS 10, they moved the Camera button.

Where Is The Camera Button In Messages On My iPhone?

The missing camera button in the new iPhone Messages app can be found by tapping the grey arrow on the left side of the text field, which will reveal three buttons. To snap or transmit a photo, press the camera button.

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How Does I Send Photos In The New Messages App On My iPhone?

In the new Messages app, the camera button is used to send photos, as you might expect. Your keyboard will convert into a perfectly put out version of your Camera Roll when you press the button. To scroll through your images, swipe left and right with your finger.

A live view of your camera can be seen on the far left-hand side of the photographs menu. By hitting the camera button in the upper right corner of the live view, you may switch to the front-facing camera, and you can take a shot by tapping the shutter button at the bottom of the live view. When you take a picture, it will be immediately placed in the text area (but will not transmit unless you press the send button).

How Do I Take Full Screen Photos In The Messages App On My iPhone?

To bring up all of your photographs, first tap the grey arrow on the right side of the text box, then tap the Camera button. To take a full-screen photo inside the Messages app, swipe from left to right to uncover the Camera button, then tap it.

How Do I See All My Photos In The Messages App On My iPhone?

  1. On the left side of the text area, tap the grey arrow.
  2. To access the Photos view, tap the Camera button.
  3. Swipe from left to right on top of your photos to display the Photo Library button.
  4. To see all of your photographs, go to Photo Library.

And That’s All There Is To It!

Sending photos from your iPhone with the new iOS 10 Messages app is simple once you get the hang of it, as you can see! PayetteForward will continue to provide more iOS tips & techniques. I hope you found this post useful, and please share your ideas in the comments area below.


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User Questions:

1. How can I activate my iPhone’s messaging camera?

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu.
  2. Select Messages from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap the MMS Messaging button to the right. When the feature is switched back on, the button will have green shading surrounding it.

2. Why is it that I can’t attach a photo to a text message on my iPhone?

If your iPhone isn’t up to current with the latest carrier settings, it can stop sending photo messages. Open Settings, go to General, touch About, and wait about 30 seconds to see your current carrier settings. A window will appear requesting you update the settings if updates are available.

3. How do you send an attachment in a text message on an iPhone?

Hold the file in your hand, then press Share. Tip: Before selecting Share, tap Compress to transmit a reduced version of the file. Then tap Share after touching and holding the compressed version of the file (marked as a zip file). Tap Send after selecting a sending method (AirDrop, Messages, or Mail).

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