How to Fix High Packet Loss on Xbox

How to Fix High Packet Loss on Xbox

Here we can see, “How to Fix High Packet Loss on Xbox”

  • Microsoft’s Xbox is a popular game console that provides millions of people joy. On the other hand, going online brings up the same concerns as using any other internet service.
  • One of the most typical problems with internet services is packet loss. Even if it’s annoying, you can fix this problem, even if you’re on Xbox.

Microsoft’s Xbox is a popular game console that provides millions of people joy. It allows you to play a wide range of games alone or with your buddies.

Furthermore, a large number of games are cross-platform. Players who own the game on various platforms (PC, PS4) are welcome to join you. Although consoles used to be more singleplayer focused, that has altered in recent years.

Few games have avoided jumping on the multiplayer bandwagon, and it shows. Game servers have expanded to meet the growing number of gamers who prefer to play games with their friends.

As appealing as this may appear, it is not without its drawbacks. Every online service (without exception) faces several difficulties. High ping, packet loss, crashes, and even connection timeouts are examples.

Leaking packets is by far the most noxious of these undesired issues. In just a few moments, you’ll understand why.

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What is high packet loss?

Packet loss occurs when data bundles (packets) sent or received never reach their intended destination. This, in turn, can lead to other issues that make it difficult to enjoy your gaming session. Namely:

    • High ping
    • Jitter
    • Rubberbanding
    • Crashes
    • Connection timeouts

So now we understand what packet loss is. Simply explained, high packet loss occurs when the packet leak percentage is high. As a result, the issues you may encounter during your online Xbox session may become more serious.

What causes high packet loss?

In general, network congestion is the primary source of packet loss. This indicates that the network can no longer support the number of customers connecting simultaneously and must cut its losses.

However, there can be other causes for high packet loss, such as server-side leaks (improper configuration), bad cables (on either side), or even Wi-Fi packet loss (interference, bad channel signal, and such).

High packet loss usually happens suddenly and then vanishes just as rapidly. That’s both the good and terrible news because it implies that there may be little that can be done other than wait.

How to check for packet loss on Xbox One?

Packet loss can be determined using a variety of assays available on PCs. Even Ookla’s Speedtest includes a packet loss test. Checking for packet loss on a console, on the other hand, can be more difficult.

If you wish to run a packet loss test on your Xbox One, follow these steps:

    1. Activate your Xbox One.
    2. Open the Settings application.
    3. Go to the Network area of the website.
    4. Select Network Settings from the menu bar.
    5. From the right-hand menu, select Detailed network statistics.
    6. Allow time for the test to finish.

This test will show you your download and upload speeds, latency, and packet loss.

How to fix high packet loss?

1. Use a VPN

    1. Download and install VPN on your computer.
    2. Log in to your account with PIA.
    3. Choose a server and connect to it.
    4. Connect your Xbox One to your PC to route traffic.
    5. Check to see if the packet loss problem still exists.

However, if there’s a problem with your home network or the Xbox servers, using a VPN won’t help. This strategy only works if your ISP is the source of the packet loss.

2. Apply manual fixes

    1. Start your router again.
    2. Perform a hard reset on your Xbox.
    3. Reset your console by going offline.
    4. Your MAC address should be cleared.
    5. Instead of using wireless, try using a cable connection.
    6. When possible, avoid peak hours.
    7. Replace your private DNS settings with public ones (Google Public DNS, Cloudflare)
    8. Enable or disable the QoS feature on your router.
    9. Shut off any games or apps that are currently running on the console.

You can fix high packet loss on Xbox One

If you’re having problems with packet leaks on your Xbox One, it could be due to congested servers (network congestion). There’s not much you can do to solve the problem in this instance.

However, you might be able to improve the situation by attempting several remedies. Using a VPN is one of the most common options available, but keep in mind that it does not always work.

Before trying a VPN, make sure that your ISP is the source of your high packet loss. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when you discover it does not function.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I cure my Xbox One’s excessive packet loss?

    1. Use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN to alleviate high packet loss is a simple and effective solution.
    2. Use a cable connection instead of a wireless one: It goes without saying that a wired internet connection is quicker than a wireless one.
    3. Restart your router by doing the following:
    4. When possible, avoid peak server times:
    5. Remove your Xbox from the equation.

2. Why am I experiencing 100% packet loss on Xbox?

When the Xbox cannot communicate out on the ports it requires, 100 percent packet loss happens. Because you don’t have access to or control over the network, there will be a problem with your network setup. The network will have the main router to which you have stated that you do not have access.

3. What is the cause of my excessive packet loss?

Congestion on the network is the most common cause of packet loss. Because all networks have space constraints, network congestion is essentially the same as peak hour traffic. Consider the traffic jams on the road at particular times of the day, such as early mornings and late at night.

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