HBO Max lures in new subscribers by cutting its premium price in half

HBO Max lures in new subscribers by cutting its premium price in half

HBO Max, one of the most important streaming services on the market, is luring in new and returning subscribers by slashing the value of its premium plan for up to half a year. The worth decrease makes the premium plan is cheaper than the ad-based plan, a minimum of during the promotion, giving subscribers access to new theatrical movies from Warner Bros., HBO originals, and more.

HBO Max is now the destination for streaming HBO content; the platform’s parent company recently made a move to get rid of its now-defunct HBO app from Amazon’s Prive Video Channels platform, leaving those customers to make the transition to the new service finally.

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That change happened earlier in the week, with the new discount promotion coming only a few days later. The new deal is out there just for the Ad-Free plan, which ordinarily costs $14.99/month but is temporarily lower at $7.49/month.

The ad-free plan includes access to 4K UHD resolution content, the power to download for offline viewing, and the remainder of Warner Bros. 2021 movie premieres with same-day streaming access. It appears the new promotional pricing is out there for brand spanking new and returning subscribers, also as those that are jumping to HBO Max after Amazon Prime Video Channels lost access to HBO.

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Overall, this is often an excellent deal for those that want to catch abreast of their favorite HBO shows or stream the newest Warner Bros. theatrical movies from the comfort of their homes. The same-day theatrical movie releases only apply to 2021; however — it’s unclear whether this holiday season’s COVID-19 cases will fuel another series of lockdowns and whether Warner Bros. will extend its hybrid releases into 2022.