Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass Includes Reach-Style Flaming Helmet

Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass Includes Reach-Style Flaming Helmet

343 Industries has released the Halo Infinite season 1 battle pass, including cosmetic pieces like a Reach-style flame helmet.

Players will obtain flame helmets and other cosmetic items in the Halo Infinite season 1 battle pass, according to a recent interview with developer 343 Industries. The news comes after a Reddit user discovered an Early Access Digital Bundle for Halo Infinite on the Microsoft Store, indicating that certain players may be able to play the game before its official release date.

Meanwhile, 343 Industries showcased more multiplayer action from the next shooter, including a new map and a return to a previous game mode. In addition, the team released Halo Infinite footage of the Streets multiplayer map and the Oddball mode as part of an IGN First production, giving fans plenty of time to see how the arena will appear when the game hits in December.

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In an IGN interview with 343 Industries’ Head of Design Jerry Hook and Lead Progression Designer Chris Blohm, more details about the Halo Infinite season 1 battle pass were disclosed. According to the two devs, the first season of the battle pass will contain a Halo Reach-style burning helmet. According to the interview, only one battle pass can be active, though this can be changed at any moment. Players will only be able to receive experience for one pass in multiplayer matches due to this.

Later, the duo verified that the battle pass included in the latest Halo Infinite test flights is not reflective of what will be included in the full launch and that a legendary cosmetic will be included in each quarter of each battle pass. These unique artifacts are linked to specific canonical characters and may have unique traits or effects shown in-game. Finally, according to the interview, event prizes would be part of a different system from the battle pass, allowing them to be won simultaneously.

A series of leaks in September suggested that the game would include many new cosmetic items that players could use to alter their in-game appearance. Because the interview has previously validated some aspects of the leak, such as the flame helmets, the more bizarre items may be real. This contains a Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson-inspired Halo Infinite emblem.

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The idea that Halo Infinite will contain cosmetic items like the flame helmet from Halo Reach is welcome news. Such items are a mainstay of the franchise and have proven to be quite popular in previous installments. This indicates that 343 Industries is keeping track of which components of the game players value the most. When the game is released next month, only time will tell how this will affect the game.

Halo Infinite will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 8, 2021.

Source: IGN