Google Will Soon Discontinue the Question and Answer Feature on Search

Google Will Soon Discontinue the Question and Answer Feature on Search

You will no longer have the ability to ask and answer queries in Google Search.

For specific research queries, Google shows a little Q&A segment on the research results page. This segment contains your requested question and response for this. It looks like Google does not enjoy this feature, and therefore it is likely to kill it from this June.

What Is the Q&A Feature on Google Search?

Likely, you had never seen this feature before since Google rolled it out into specific areas. It looks like beneath should you sort a Specific question on Google:

Fundamentally, this Q&A segment indicates the replies to a search query. The section indicates some similar questions too and their replies. When an answer out you, you can click on its vote to give it a vote.

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Google Will Soon Remove the Q&A Section From Search

As per a telling on Google’s service website, the business will shut this attribute by June 30, 2021. Following that, you will no longer find this Q&A segment when doing searches on Google.

When you have made any contributions for this attribute, Google suggests you create a copy of your gifts from Takeout. It provides you ought to finish this measure by June 30.

No More Asking and Answering

After Google eventually pulls the plug with this attribute, you will no longer have the ability to have replied and ask questions just like you can do before using the attribute. But realize that Google Search will continue to work normally.

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