Microsoft Will Soon Make Working With PDFs Easier in Edge

Microsoft Will Soon Make Working With PDFs Easier in Edge

Resume-reading PDFs, much better text choice, and easy scrolling are only some of the new PDF features of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s Edge browser comprises a PDF reader. However, it does not provide you much but the capability to execute some simple PDF tasks. It looks like Microsoft would like to change this, and therefore it is shortly bringing a plethora of new features to Edge to create working with PDFs simpler.

Several New PDF Features Will Come to Microsoft Edge

By a report by Windows Newest, Microsoft will include multiple new attributes to Edge to ensure watching and working with PDFs is significantly more effective. After this occurs, users will not have to depart Edge for many PDF-related jobs.

New Features for PDFs in Microsoft Edge

That website has discovered different new PDF features in the evaluation experimental and assembles flags of this Microsoft Edge browser. A number of the noticed attributes are:

Resume Reading PDFs

Microsoft Edge‘s future version will make it possible for you to select from where you left your PDF documents.

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This way, you will not need to go through the hassle of manually locating the page which you left at the last moment.

Improved Text Selection in PDFs

Text choice in PDFs will become simpler with Edge’s newest edition. You will get a much better and more effective approach to generate text collections around your PDF documents within this browser.

Better Page Scroll

You will soon have the ability to scroll a couple of pages on your PDF documents with Edge. There’ll also be no thumbnail, so you can easily jump into a page on your PDF document.

Better PDF Handling in Microsoft Edge

After Edge’s newest version arrives, which will be expected later this season, you will have more control and attributes to utilize your PDF documents. Probably, you will not require a desktop PDF reader after these attributes become accessible Edge.