Google TV Enlists Celebrities to Help You Choose What to Watch

Google TV Enlists Celebrities to Help You Choose What to Watch

Google TV, which combines content from multiple sources, runs on Chromecast devices newer than Chromecast. A new feature in Google TV allows celebrities to suggest what they should watch based on their favourite shows.

Celebrities Giving You TV Suggestions on Google TV

Google TV is Google’s Chromecast system that allows you to browse and find new content from all streaming services. Google TV’s latest feature allows celebrities to share their favourite shows with you so that you can also watch them.

Google states that “good recommendations can be made from anywhere”. Google TV now allows celebrities to suggest new content. Reviews, friends, family, and reviews are all good sources of recommendations. Google TV’s Watch With Me series, which was announced in a blog post at The Keyword, has started rolling out to Google TV customers.

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Google TV has launched the Watch With Me series to help users find new content. It features suggestions from celebrities. The series features celebrities, artists, and cultural icons who share their favourite TV shows and movies, so you can too.

Google TV will offer a feature that allows users to add suggested content to their watchlist to return to it later. The series includes behind-the-scenes interviews with celebrities that provide more information about their picks.

Who’s in the First Watch With Me Episode on Google TV?

Google launches the Watch With Me series, with suggestions and an interview by Laverne Cx, Emmy-nominated. The episode will feature Cox’s top picks from her watchlist and some personal favourites like Moonlight and Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

The episode includes an interview that will allow you to find out more about Cox’s favourite shows. Cox says that his watchlist includes everything that has shaped him or helped him understand himself better.

You can find the new Watch With Me series, as well as the interview with Cox in the For You tab of Google TV. This will be available over the next few days.

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Google Wants to Beef Up Your Watchlist

Google’s new series “Watch With Me” aims to increase your watchlist by offering suggestions from celebrities. This is a new move that Google has not made before, and it’s certainly different from the “Suggestions” tab on streaming services.